Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

How do Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Work? Why are These One of the Best Methods of Irrigation in India?

Sprinkler irrigation system refers to the organization of specific components used for watering the field in a way that resembles rainfall. In this system, the water passes through a series of pipes and is supported by a pump. The water flow is then separated through sprinklers to split up into tiny droplets before falling onto the ground. This system comprises a spray head that helps distribute water in the entire field. 

Sprinkler Irrigation System Application:

It is possible to use a sprinkler irrigation system in various settings as it is suitable for all sorts of gardens, fields, and landscaping. This is because they offer adequate coverage to small and large blocks of land. One of the primary reasons behind this is that sprinklers can be adapted for nearly all types of irrigable soils. However, the pores of spray heads can get clogged quite quickly due to sediments. Other than this, sprinkler irrigation systems offer a wide range of benefits that make them one of the best irrigation methods. 

Sprinkler Irrigation System Components:

To understand the working of a sprinkler system, one needs to understand the components involved in it and its arrangement. Typically, a sprinkler irrigation system consists of the following features:

  • A Pump Unit 

The pumping unit plays a crucial role in a sprinkler irrigation system as it extracts the water from the source and then offers it the required pressure to discharge it into the pipe system. The pump needs to provide the right amount of pressure to ensure that water is released at an adequate rate and volume to cover the maximum area. 

  • Pipes

A sprinkler irrigation system also has a pipeline system consisting of two pipes – principal pipes and secondary pipes. While some systems may have pipelines installed on the soil surface, some have them buried underneath. Also, some sprinkler irrigation systems are portable, which allows the pipelines to be moved to another field. 

  • Laterals

Laterals are another vital component in the sprinkler irrigation system as they are responsible for the transportation of water from the pipes to the sprinklers. These, just like the pipelines, can also be portable. Laterals are either made up of aluminum alloy or plastic, making them exceptionally lightweight and portable. 

  • Sprinklers

Sprinklers are water-emitting devices that finally disperse the water stream before splitting it into tiny droplets. The sprinklers are arranged to allow them to release the water as evenly as possible. 

All of these components are crucial for the proper working of a sprinkler irrigation system. 

Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation System: 

There are many benefits that make the sprinkler irrigation system one of the best irrigation systems in India. Let us have a look at the wide range of benefits offered by the sprinkler irrigation system:

  • Eliminates the need for water conveyance channels which eventually reduces the conveyance or in-transit loss
  • It can help save up to 50 % of water, making it a sustainable choice
  • A sprinkler irrigation system is suitable for all types of soil (except heavy clay)
  • Suitable for areas where plant population is relatively high
  • Sprinkler irrigation system can help overcome the issue of soil compaction
  • It helps improve the overall yield
  • A sprinkler irrigation system is easy to use
  • Using a sprinkler irrigation system can also protect against frost 
  • The system can be used with soluble fertilizers and chemicals 
  • A sprinkler irrigation system can considerably decrease the labor cost
  • This system can help in the modification of the microclimate

To avail these benefits to the maximum, one should consider investing in good quality irrigation equipment. You can have a look at the Netafim sprinkler that offers top-notch quality. You can also look at the wide range of irrigation solutions offered by Netafim, one of the leading irrigation solution providers. However, be sure that you carry out thorough research before making any decision. 

This system is one of the most sought-after solutions for various reasons, and we hope that you will be able to come to avail of all the benefits mentioned above by installing this system in your field.