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How Odoo ERP Software Can Help Your Business In 2021

Nowadays authorized businesses never underrate the importance of customization in their strategy. Every company has its precise requirements, so customization has become important to business growth in the past few years. Enterprise organizations like custom Odoo ERP solutions, in specific witness an increasing market adoption.           

Odoo ERP software are important for enterprises with significant staff to streamline workflows. Enterprises save IT costs, enhance operational efficiency and customer service, support data security, and ensure monitoring compliance with ERP systems. That being said, ERP systems are operational only if they can break departmental silos to provide visibility across the group.   

Customized ERP software can unlock great opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. But, do you feel that committing to a software wholesaler could mean you are handing over control of your business or that it might not be financially viable?

Let’s explore Odoo, an ERP software development platform that connects all business functions to enable data-driven decisions. 

Features of Odoo ERP Software

Odoo is a customizable platform that offers all essential features to enhance business performance and drive growth. It has the following modules:

  1. CRM: Odoo’s CRM module supports users to manage issues, tasks, Errors, claims, opportunities, requests, and leads. It automates key tasks like arranging, notification, identification, and message.
  2. Sales Management: With Odoo, businesses can easily manage and categorize sales order into a structured and hierarchical structure. It delivers the ability to generate new orders and review existing orders.
  3. Purchase Management: Odoo allows businesses to track sellers’ quotations and convert them into acquisition orders.
  4. Warehouse Management: Odoo Development Solution supports the management of various warehouses and stock locations. The outbound, inbound, and stock locations can be well-defined for each warehouse.
  5. Point of Sales: Businesses can easily manage all points of sales actions like cash records, inventory, and billing with Odoo ERP System. It provides an integrated view of all business operations and inventory.
  6. Manufacturing: odoo ERP software development enables businesses to manage manufacturing processes including multi-level routing and work centers. It allows them to track work orders and supports preparation methods like make-to-stock and make-to-order.

Why choose Odoo ERP for your Business?

There are numerous ERP solutions available in the marketplace. Generally, these solutions are not able to communicate with each other and due to this list of complex errors increases especially when data migration comes into the picture. Odoo ERP provides all functionalities and modules under one software system.

Talking about why Odoo ERP is a Faultless Fit for Your Business? Below are reasons why you should opt for Odoo ERP System,

Open Source ERP:

Compared to other ERP software, Odoo ERP System is a free business management solution, so you do not want to shop for any license to manage your business by odoo. Even though you would like customization, Integration, buy installation, and implementation. But, Odoo ERP is affordable compared to other paid software.

Fully Web-based:

Odoo may be a fully web-based system. You’ll access it via web browsers and it offers multi-user management support with non-disruption.

Modular Structure:

Odoo has different business management features and is called Modules. Inside odoo ERP software, there are different modules for effective business management. One can Opt-in or Opt-out and integrate with associated requirements. It’s simple to install any module into the software where customizations of these modules are often done easily. The flexibility provided by Odoo ERP is what makes Odoo exceptional from other ERP software.


No licensing fee for using Odoo which makes Odoo affordable compared to other ERP software. Everyone can use the community version because the community version is out there free of cost. Odoo ERP System comes with two different versions where the Community version is free from cost and you’ve to pay for the Enterprise version which comes with advanced features and customized modules.

All in One management Software:

Odoo supports customization of all modules as per the need rather than using different applications for various uses. Many companies may trust in Odoo Customization and after services.

Easy Integration:

The integration of Odoo ERP applications is very much easy compared to the other ERP software within the market. You’ll add or remove different modules without interrupting the whole process which suggests that you can add any modules with the usual software very easily and without affecting the method.

Final Thoughts

Odoo supports continuous scalability which is essential for businesses to lead the market in today’s competitive world. It provides numerous business benefits like flexibility, a flawless user interface, easy integrations, and simplified navigation. It is highly modular and supports business processes and delivers them with integrated solutions. If you are looking for a unique Odoo development company for your next dream project? With years of experience in Odoo development and Odoo consultancy, the team at Bytes Technolab provides effective Odoo ERP solutions that go along with your business flow and make use of adequate measures for a hassle-free and smooth experience.