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How to Attract More Customers to Your Business? 7 Marketing Tips

Every business goes through bad days when they have few customers. Undoubtedly, customers are the lifeblood of any business, and a huge base of loyal customers helps businesses to grow. However, having a significant number of loyal customers isn’t enough since you might need the new ones to add innovation to your business products and increase sales.

While having a few bad days with limited customers doesn’t signal a doomsday for any business, but a continuous streak of low sales can be a bad sign. For this reason, we have come up with some marketing tips that can help you attract more customers.

  1. Offer discounts and promotions

The times haven’t changed, and good deals still attract customers as they did even centuries ago. Of course, a sure way of attracting more customers to your business is by offering them valuable discounts and special purchase deals. Finding good bargains is always a buyer trigger for leads and helps you maintain business on off days.

But the off-side is that most of the customers attracted through promotions won’t be regular customers. They are people who bought your products because of the ongoing discount offers. Since providing discount offers alone won’t always be enough, it is best to offer loyalty customer cards, invite them to join your email list to keep them knowledgeable about the new happenings. You can even ask them for feedback or follow up through emails to remain at the top of their mind.

  1. Benefit from SEO

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular marketing strategies which helps to generate more traffic onto the website that turns into leads. It is a long-term strategy, but using SEO always promises good results, specifically in this age of excessive technological use. Many SEO strategies can help increase traffic on the website, such as link building, keyword usage, content writing, etc. The only thing to keep in mind is that you won’t get immediate results from SEO. Patience is the key. It is further essential to follow up with your SEO strategy to receive the last long-term results.

  1. Leverage social media

Social media provides you a perfect platform for creating a community and targeting the audience even better. It allows you to maintain two-way communication. By creating a business page, you get the liberty to post pictures, videos, and text posts about the latest products, deals, and improvements you offer. It helps new customers learn about your business and turn into a lead. Apart from that, social media also works great in terms of providing customer support service. The easy layout allows you to answer queries, give instructions, and receive feedback on the same platform.

  1. Start a blog

One of the best-known strategies in the game of marketing is to start a blog. A blog allows you to attract customers and turn them into leads when you provide informative, entertaining, and quality content. It will help you to generate organic traffic on your page. The key to successful blogging is to maintain an upload schedule. Your readers won’t be interested in visiting your blog if you are not frequently active.

Apart from that, the quality of the content you post matters the most. Informative and educational blogs that answer some questions or incite curiosity about the particular subject are ideal. Nowadays, entertainment blogs work just as well as informative blogs.

  1. Use sponsored links

Sponsored links are advertisements about your business and product that you pay to upload on different web pages. These links are ideal on web pages that target the same niche as you. For example, a link to your online bookstore will work best on the website about book reviews. Similarly, you can find numerous blogs, websites, and social networks that entertain your target audience. It is the easiest way to increase brand recognition and increase landings on your page.

  1. Benefit from Out of Home (OOH) digital media

Gone is the era of flyers and paper posters. Now, people are more attracted to flashing lights and attractive colors. When such is the case, how do you use it to your advantage? The answer is through OOH digital media advertisements. You see them around you in the form of digital billboards and screens on the side of the road playing advertisements. If you are doubtful of this strategy’s effectiveness, just think about Times Square in New York. The place is most famous among the residents and tourists because of the digital billboards and screens that show high-quality advertisements. People are naturally attracted to such things, and they can work wonders in increasing the brand recognition of your business. Brand recognition inevitably brings more customers to your outlet or store.

  1. Don’t forget magazines and newspapers

While paying attention to advertisements on TV and radio for tech-friendly consumers, don’t forget about newspapers and magazines. Just think about all the times you waited at the dentist’s clinic for your turn and flipped through magazines to spend the time. Or how the elderly of the family are tech resistant and still enjoy reading a newspaper in the morning. If research about the customer persona suggests these habits, don’t forget to include them as a part of your marketing strategy.


Most of your business’s sales depend upon marketing. While your product may be great, if you don’t market it properly, then you won’t be able to achieve your target sales. People need to know about your business’s existence and understand why they should choose you among other competitors. Once you convince them of your credibility through marketing, we promise you that customers will flow in.