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How to Cancel all HP Printer Jobs?

HP printers are being used wherever on the planet, and they are probably the greatest brand in the printing business. HP produces quality printers for both home and business use. You can always count on HP printers when you are in a hurry for your work.

Some printers, as compact and smooth as they are, can pick up a good knot in your work area. This is an issue when the location of your work area gets bumped, or simply constrained. One approach to organizing your workspace is that you can make your printer wireless, with the goal that you can place it anywhere in your home or office. All you need is to use the correct way to set up a wireless hp printer or else you will fail to achieve the optimum with your printer. 

But, there are times when you get into trouble with the HP printer. And one such scenario is when the job gets stuck and prevents you and other people from continuing printing. HP Printer Paper Jam can happen anytime either at home or office. This two-step guide will help you to sort the problem of stuck printer jobs in HP printers.


  • Canceling the print job via printer: 


There are two types of printers, one is the printer with buttons and another one is the touchscreen printers.

If you are using a printer with buttons, then you just have to press the Cancel/ Stop button on the front controls or you can turn off your printer. It will quickly stop whatever the printing job was in progress and you can remove the stack afterward.

In case you are using a touchscreen printer you simply need to touch the Stop or Cancel option and clean the remaining stack.


  • Canceling the print job via computer:


  • Search and open the option of “Devices and Printers”.
  • Right-click in the printer’s name the job of which you want to cancel.
  • Right-click on the print job you want to cancel in the print queue listing and click on cancel.

In case of any problem in the printer driver, you can download the HP Printer driver again. 

HP printer jam is common of all issues that you may face with your HP printer. Therefore, keep a habit of cleaning your printer from time to time as it will reduce the risk of jam on your printer. The cases in which error becomes severe, take your printer to the service center as manual troubleshooting can do more harm than good. The next important thing that can’t be missed is; the speed of the network you are using should be optimum. These few basic things can do wonders in fixing paper jams with your Printer.  You may need to Printer Align appropriately to ensure it works fine. If this mistake happens once more, follow the same steps listed here.