How To Choose The Right Cricket Shoes

Cricket is a sport that requires an excellent amount of agility and athleticism. In every role on the cricket ground, from batting to bowling and fielding,  the right pair of cricket shoes is the most important piece of equipment. Asics cricket shoes are ideally designed to help you boost your performance and develop your game. They are loaded with premium material and an athletic feel.

In this article, we will tell you about important points to consider before selecting the best cricket shoes for men. This will help you to maximize performance while minimizing injuries and fatigue.

Material and Design

From upper surface to sole, the right material is the most important thing to consider while buying your cricket shoes. Asics cricket shoes for men are made from high-quality materials such as Polyurethane, microfiber, and premium synthetic. It makes them lightweight, long-lasting, and high on comfort.

Design is another important factor to consider while buying your cricket shoes. Right design on the sole and frontal part helps minimize fatigue and potential injuries. This will also help make your exhausting net practice sessions and intense matches extremely comforting. The combination of design, feel and aesthetics makes Asics shoes rated by professionals as India’s best cricket shoes.

Cushioning and Breathability

Cricket matches and practice sessions are immensely intensive. As a batsman, bowler, fielder, or wicket-keeper you need to spend long hours on the field. Add to this the massive amount of running required in the game. Thus, cushioning is an important factor to consider as you choose the right cricket shoes. A pair of shoes with a better cushion will put less pressure on the lower legs, knees, and toes. This will minimize the impact on the body, lessen fatigue’s chances, and avoid potential injury issues.

Along with cushioning, breathability is another important factor in your cricket shoes. Better shoe ventilation ensures faster sweat absorption and less moisture accumulation. It ensures that you can play for long hours without inconvenience and fear of allergies and blisters, Asics cricket shoes are regarded as one of India’s best cricket shoes because they place a high focus on both cushioning and breathability.

Stability and Spikes

Spikes and stability are co-related in your cricket shoes. Spikes are used in cricket shoes to reduce pronation, increase support on the lower part of the feet and increase arch support. This ensures better balance on the cricket field. 

Batsmen mostly use cricket shoes with half spikes. This makes their shoes lightweight and more responsive, thus helping in footwork as well as running between the wickets. On the other hand, bowlers use shoes with full spikes. This provides additional stability and also betters the run-up balance.

Expertise and Surface

The choice of cricket shoes varies as per one’s professional expertise. Professional cricket players need to buy shoes that can withstand long and intensive playing sessions. Also, the playing surface should be considered when choosing your cricket shoes. While playing on grass, one should choose cricket shoes with metal spikes. This is especially true for bowlers and fielders to avoid slipping. On synthetic pitches, rubber soles are preferred to reduce pressure and injuries on the feet.


Cost is an important criterion when selecting the right cricket shoes for your matches and net sessions. One must not buy too expensive shoes, especially at the beginner level. Once you start to play the game at a professional level, there are upgraded options. However, one must be careful not to compromise too much on quality over cost.

Asics cricket shoes are known to balance both cost and quality.  As a beginner or professional player, you can buy the best quality shoes at highly attractive prices.

These are the points to consider before buying yourself a great pair of cricket shoes that lasts long and is high on comfort. Gift one to yourself this summer and start your journey towards excellence in the game of cricket.

Happy Playing!!!