How to Connect Headphones to Xbox One?

Many of those who are frustrated to buy new headphones to connect with Xbox. Just because the headphone they had, can’t connect to Xbox! Now, they will be happy because Xbox one uses an exclusive protocol called the Xbox Wireless. This function helps users to connect their headphones to Xbox one in a similar way as the Bluetooth mechanism.

You don’t need to invest in purchasing Xbox one best headphones by ReviewedEverything if you have the best expensive headphones. Luckily, you can connect those headphones to your Xbox One to enjoy your gaming!

Connecting Headphone to Xbox one:

There are so many ways to connect your headphones to Xbox. You can connect them via Xbox app through Bluetooth transmitter and PC.

Connect them Via the Xbox app:

Take advantage of the Xbox app and use your mobile phone as a middleman. But keep in mind that this method will not provide you any sound, this is only good for a party chat.

Step 1:

First, sync headphones to your mobile.

Step 2:

Open the Xbox app from your mobile phone and click on the party icon and select ‘Start a party’

Step 3:

Click the ‘party control’ then ‘Change audio devices’ and then you would see three options. Choose the last one, which is a ‘Bluetooth device’ and you are in!

Note: This step is quite simple, but cannot provide you sound, which might be not very useful for many of you.

Connect them Using Bluetooth Transmitter:

Using a Bluetooth transmitter is quite easy, but the major drawback is that they only let the sound reach your headphones. They would not provide you to connect a microphone for chatting with your other players. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

 Power up the transmitter by holding the power button for few seconds. You will clearly see its power-up by LED lights.

Step 2:

Insert the transmitter into the audio port of the controller.

Step 3:

Turn on the headset and activate the pairing mode by pressing the button in the middle of the transmitter.

Step 4:

Lastly, pair the headphone and transmitter by moving your headphones near the transmitter. The light will indicate the pairing. Once pairing is done, you can enjoy the clear audio of your game.

Connect them Via PC:

Here your PC will act as a middleman between your Xbox console and your headset. First, connect your PC with the controller, PC will help to deliver sound from the controller to your headset. All you need to do is!

Step 1:

Open the Xbox console companion app to your PC. Microsoft has already equipped this app, but in case you didn’t have one, go and simply download it from the online store.

Step 2:

Then open the app, and sign up/ sign in. And get access to it.

Step 3:

Choose the ‘Connection icon‘ from the left side of the menu. That will assembles Xbox one.

 Step 4:

Choose the ‘Add device option’ with plus icon, which is located on the top right corner of Connect to your one display. Then, after you click on the plus icon, you will see the name of your console on your PC. Simply choose ‘Connect’.

Step 5:

During this, it takes a little time. Then manually choose your console’s IP address and then click ‘Connect’. If you don’t know your IP address then click the Xbox button, proceed to the profile system, choose ‘Setting’.

After that, click ‘General’ and choose the ‘network setting option’. And lastly, ‘Advanced Setting’. Now, you have control over all Xbox features through your windows PC.

Now it’s time to connect your headphone Bluetooth to PC so that you will be able to listen to sound in the game. For that purpose you need to follow these steps:

  • Activate the pairing button of your headset to allow the PC to identify it easily. Note: Depending on every device, the pairing button works differently. So, you need to know about yours.
  • Now on PC, choose ‘Star menu bar’ then ‘PC setting’ and then choose ‘Devices Tab’.
  • Choose ‘Add Bluetooth and other devices tab’ and then turn your Bluetooth on.
  • Simply, choose the name of your headset on PC and select ‘Connect’.


Xbox is a little picky about wireless connection, but this doesn’t mean that you left your new expensive headset, which seems difficult to connect with Xbox. At least, give it a try.

Also if you don’t have a headset, then you can choose an Xbox headset. But keep in mind that it will work only with Xbox. Nothing else! Therefore, if you want to purchase a good, expensive headset that goes with everything. Then Bluetooth headset is the better option out of all!