Holiday at Paxos Island

How to Enjoy Holiday at Paxos Island

Going for a small trip to Paxos Island in Greece will compel you to call the place as a “Surprise Package” to visit, due to lots of reasons. Located at the distance of a few nautical miles away from the Corfu, it is one of the smallest islands located in the remote location of the Ionian Sea in Greece. The island is covered with lots of greenery, thus making it soothing for the travelers to walk in its valley. Besides, there are lots of happening activities that you can enjoy during your visit to Paxos, and which makes this island a perfect destination to celebrate a short vacation.

Reaching the Paxos Island

As referred above the island doesn’t have its airport, and therefore the only way to reach Paxos is from Corfu, the nearby city from the travelers can hire a boat or a ferry in the local language. There is however another route also to reach the island. But for that, the travelers have to travel in the bus running between Athens and Igoumenitsa and then hire a boat from Igoumenitsa and reach this smallest island. In case, if you do not prefer to travel by bus from Athens to Igoumenitsa, then you can hire a taxi and reach the port to hire a boat for Paxos.

Nearby Destinations to Explore

The island is surrounded by almost 30 beaches, which could be explored during the holidays. These beaches can be easily accessed by the ferries and by renting cars. As these beaches are located close to each other and hardly takes 30-40 minutes to reach on the other island, it is easier to visit all of them in three to four days. The highly visited or famous beaches are Mongonissi, Kaki Langada, Levrecchio, Kipos, Gianna, Soulanena, Balos and Monodendri, and Glyfada. The island has neither water parks, night clubs, big hotels or karaoke bars, nor even an airport for the travelers to land, but the abundance of olive trees that were grown back in the 16th century by the Venetians, carpeting the island.

Villas Catering the Accommodation Needs of the Visitors

Although the island is over-crowded during the months of the peak seasons, then also you can find lots of visitors coming to the island during the rest of the months. Going through this, the real estate business operators have developed the fleet of comfortable villas in the green valley of the island. Despite being located in a remote area, these villas have everything in their bag, which do not let the visitors miss their home due to lack of any amenity. Inside, these villas you will find the comfortable beds, sofas, regular cooking facilities, swimming pool, large balcony, and space to enjoy the iconic view of the island by relaxing on the chairs. To protect the travelers from any type of problems in searching a suitable villa for their stay, most of the villa operators have their official website on which they have provided the whole information about the services and facilities offered by them. Thus, depending upon their requirements the tourists can book a villa in Paxos according to their travel itinerary.

Things to Do on Paxos Island

This might sound something very funny to most of the people but tourists come to Paxos for relaxing and for doing nothing. Some of the common activities performed by all the tourists are swimming in the crystal clear water, enjoying the fun of local food and drink in taverns, and walking on the streets of the island. But, is this all for what they visit the island or is it just to relax on the sunbed near the beaches for the whole day? Obviously, not, because you can do it for a day or two, but not continuously for five to six days, and you will think to explore the surrounding areas. Some of the things that you can enjoy during the Paxos holidays are summarized as follows:

  1. Visit the Erimitis beach, that was created naturally back in 2008 as the result of a landslide. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the major attractions for the tourists to see, especially its long height that comes down with steep steps. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying the mesmerizing view of the sunset, then you should visit the beach during the evening hours.
  2. Enjoy the fun of conventional Greek dance at Mongonissi beach.
  3. Hire the boat or a car for exploring the nearby beaches.
  4. Visit the Monodendri beach and visit it streets for shopping and other activities.
  5. Moving ahead, to explore the hidden beauty of the island, just buy a map and start following the routes according to your preference.

Going for holidays in Paxos will offer you a wonderful experience that you will prefer to enjoy during your all vacations and wish to explore the remaining areas of the island that you missed during your first visit.