How to Choose The Best Mobile Phone Insurance in India?

mobile phone insurance

As per survey results, only 43% of customers tend to get their damaged mobile phones repaired, while a strong 19% continue to use it in its damaged state. This reluctance can be accredited to two primary reasons – the high cost of repair and not having an extensive mobile phone insurance policy.

Nevertheless, as a remedy for both situations, individuals should look for cell phone protection plans that not only come at a feasible price but extend significant benefits.

However, there are numerous insurance policies available in the market and these pointers can help choose the most beneficial one.

Check features

To begin with, mobile insurance buyers should look for features like policy premium and insured value. Usually, a mobile phone insurance policy that offers substantial financial coverage is considered to be the best option. A high sum available as coverage can better cover the expenses required to meet the damages.

Nevertheless, individuals should also look for other associated benefits and their limitations to decide the actual merit of a policy. For instance, certain insurance policies may not extend financial coverage against screen damage. However, if an individual opts for a policy that helps to extend their coverage, that they can get compensated for their loss effectively. For instance, an individual can opt for a Mobile Screen Insurance policy from Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Payment option

Mostly a competent mobile protection plan offers multiple payment facilities to their policyholders. This further streamlines the process and allows individuals to pay their premium on time and with greater convenience.

Extent of coverage

This is probably one of the most vital pointers that help to decide the effectiveness of an ideal mobile protection plan. Intending policy buyers should check if coverage is available for damages resulting from fire and significant natural or man-made disasters. Likewise, they should also find out if the policy extends substantial financial coverage against breakdown, accidental damage, and burglary.

However, if one still thinks phone protection plan is not inclusive enough, they may opt for a purchase protection cover. Such policies extended can help cover financial losses arising during theft, damage or burglary on a variety of items including mobile protection. Such an insurance policy can provide additional financial assistance.

Extent of exclusion

Similarly, intending mobile phone insurance buyers should take a look at the list of things and conditions that are not covered by the mobile policy. Nevertheless, one must understand that certain exclusions are common to many insurance plans. For instance, purported intentional damage to the handset is one of such exclusions.

Also, most phone insurance plans do not cover the damages that extend to the handset’s accessories. For example, loss of its charger or any damage would not be covered by most competent insurance policies. However, one may opt for add-ons like a mobile charger insurance policy and get the incidental financial liabilities covered in no time. Also, those who are prone to drop their mobile phones may opt for an add-ons like mobile screen insurance policy.

Ease of application and claim process

An easy application and claim process has its share of perks. One should look for mobile phone insurance plans that offer an online application facility. Also, look for an insurance plan that follows a quick claim process and requires simple documentation.

Generally, extensive coverage comes with certain conditions that have to be fulfilled to proceed with the claim process. Hence, find out about them in advance to ease the process significantly.

Also, individuals should take note of other terms and conditions that are required to be fulfilled to avail the benefits extended under the said mobile phone insurance plan. For instance, most policies require mobile phone users to avail an insurance policy within a certain time and under a few specific conditions to be deemed eligible for the claim process later on. Further, they should make it a point to compare the terms of coverage provided by policies and user reviews on customer service offered by the insurer as well.