Learn English Without Even Trying

How to Learn English Without Even Trying

The first way to learn english without even trying is by listening to popular music. In this modern world, most people listen to music on their phone music players or computers. I would recommend the following songs which are about love, life, friendship and how we feel in different situations:

“Hands” by Jewel This song builds a great example of a relationship that starts out great but ends up not being so good. It’s good for beginners because it’s easy to understand and has simple vocabulary that you can use in your everyday life. “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton This song is perfect for intermediate level students because it has more advanced vocabulary but still an easy story line for everyone who knows what love is like. It shows the grief of losing someone very close to you, and many can relate. I think English is hard because it is a different language and we don’t speak it in our everyday life. If we can relate to the story, english is easier to pick up. “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco This song has lots of great metaphors and similes that students can use for writing or speaking English. It also has humor which makes learning fun!

The second way to learn english without even trying is by reading! Reading helps you learn new words, pronunciation, spelling and grammar (even though i don’t like grammar). To really understand what you read, try putting words into context by writing down what they mean or saying them out loud. You will have a better understanding of what you are reading if you do this! Check out these books:

“Holes” By Louis Sachar This book makes learning fun because it’s a mystery novel with a twist at the end! The main character Stanley Yelnats gets sent away from his family because he was accused of stealing shoes from an old man who made him do some bad things. Along the way he meets many different people with different personalities which helps him through tough times as well as some funny ones too! “How I brought my parents together” By Lisa Graff In this novel Kenny moves across the country from his home in California to live with his father whom he hasn’t seen since toddler days after his mother dies in a car crash one day on her way home from work. Kenny has a tough time with his father and his new life. One day Kenny brings home a little girl he met at the park, and everything changes! When you have to learn a new language it’s hard because there is so much vocabulary that you have to learn. This book has great vocabulary that students can use in everyday life as well as for writing compositions!

The third way to learn english without even trying is by playing games. Games are fun but they also teach you about english grammar, spelling, pronunciation and how to construct sentences/paragraphs. Here are some games:

“Scrabble” By Hasbro Scrabble is a board game where all players try to make words out of their letters first. It’s played by two or more people who take turns picking up letters from the board during their turn. The more points you get the better player you are! There are different words that can be made, and some words are worth more than others. “Hangman” By Hasbro Hangman is a game where one person thinks of a word and everyone else tries to guess it. The person who grabs the letter says what it is, but if they get it wrong or misspells something then they lose a part of their body. If you spell the whole word correctly before losing all your body parts, then you win! It’s really fun because sometimes people make silly guesses or start guessing when nobody has thought of anything yet!

The forth way to learn english without even trying is by using your friends as teachers/tutors/language partners. My favorite way to learn english is by talking to people in real life rather than online because I find that I can learn much faster when someone corrects my mistakes in front of me rather than waiting until later to look at them on a computer screen. I remember once at school we had a teacher who told us that we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes while speaking english because no one will judge us for doing so since everyone makes mistakes sometimes when learning something new. I have been learning english for the past 18 years and I still make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t speak it. Whenever someone corrects my mistakes it makes me feel good because I know I’m getting better at something! Here are some people you can talk to:

Your friends/family members Your teacher/professor Your language partner (online or offline) People on the internet (chatrooms, forums, blogs etc.)

The fifth way to learn english without even trying is by watching TV shows and listening to the radio. Watching TV shows helps you learn about new things in english such as slang words and how people really talk in real life situations. They also help with understanding how news anchors speak which is a big part of learning English for many students around the world! Listening to the radio helps you hear native speakers talking in their accent without any background noise which makes them easier to understand.

I hope you have learned how to use your time wisely in order to learn english without even trying.

If you are interested in learning English, then here is the best place to start! I hope you liked this post, and if you did please share it with your friends! Thank-you for reading my blog post about “How to Learn English Without Even Trying”.

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