How to merge PDF files quickly in simple steps

PDF is the Portable Document Format and was created in 1990 by Adobe. An increasing number of users relied on the PDF format. Because they also convert their word files to PDF as needed and merge PDF files with text, diagrams, pictures. When the file is complete, it is exported to PDF to be shared with other individuals. There are a lot of reasons for everyone to use a PDF document instead of additional document formats.

Therefore, other users only read the file, and they are not editing the contents in PDF files. This website & guide will discuss why users combine PDF files and choose to use this format rather than working with an easily editable file format.

Why We Need to Merge Multiple PDF Files into One File

  • Today we store images and some important personal documents in separate PDF files. As a result of digitization, we now have hundreds of essential PDFs to keep.
  • It cannot be easy to navigate those files. Rather than collecting data, it might be more interesting to combine essential files in one format.
  • We can locate information more efficiently, conserve storage space, and spend less time opening files.
  • Instead of sending multiple attachments, we can put everything together in a single file and send it in a single click.
  • If you need to search for a particular document, you can easily find out if you have a single PDF file.

One of the reasons, when you merge all your files, you do not have to open every file separately. You can combine all your PDF files from your desktop computer.

Methods to combine PDF files using PDF Merger and Splitter on Window

The first method we’re suggesting requires you to install an app on your device. This method is free and works online on a Windows-based system.

  1. Click on the start menu and browse the Microsoft store, an icon that looks like a shopping bag.
  2. Press the search button at the top right corner of that application, type PDF Merger, and click on Get.
  3. Download and install PDF Merger and Splitter on your system. This app allows you to merge PDF files into one.
  4. Now launch the downloaded application.
  5. The display shows you two options: Merge PDF or Split PDF. Click on the merge PDF.
  6. Then Add PDF it’s the first option in the top left corner.
  7. Browse and select multiple PDFs and click open.
  8. To change the sequence file, click the move up and down button.
  9. Click on Merge PDFs and Save the prompt window open.
  10. Type the name and tap on the save option.

With only a few clicks and steps to follow, you can merge PDF files into one and quickly fix the issues you’re having. Don’t worry if you’re a Mac user; below, I explain the steps for the same query.

How to merge PDF file into one using MAC Finder

It is the easiest method to combine the PDF for the MAC user to follow the steps.

  1. Click on Finder.
  2. Browse the folder where PDF files are saved.
  3. Pick the PDF files you would like to combine.
  4. Press right-click after selecting your file.
  5. Click quick actions and create PDF.

These were some of the easy-to-use methods that made it easy to merge PDF files on your computer. However, there are a couple of limitations of this manual method, so we utilized third-party software. When we talk about safety, most of us understand that everybody has personal documents and is fearful that hackers may flow their confidential details.

Best way to merge PDF files using prominent Software

PDF Merge Software is available on the internet, and it has a demo version provided that you have the prerequisites to log in to their software. Their applications can also be simple to use. You do not need to get any particular skills to find out the tools they supply on their site.

  1. Download and Install PDF Merge Software.
  2. Click on the select files and then press the next button.
  3. According to the software, write the password and tab on the merge button to start the process.
  4. Wait until for the process to complete.
  5. Select the sheet after the scanning process gets complete.
  6. Now, press on the Ok button.

Here, we saw that it is possible to merge PDF files using reliable software and free modifications. Using that software, we can easily combine pdf files.

Final Verdict

We first recognize why PDFs are essential and why users have used the PDF format. I’ve addressed two approaches, one for Windows users and another for Mac users. The free method has some limitations and risks. Your documents are important, so it is essential to choose the right platform to insert them. I hope that you get the very best solution to merge PDF files.