How to Use Google My Business to Boost Your Content & SEO

Do you target local customers to increase your revenues? You may have set up a physical store in your preferred location. Still, you can leverage benefits from digital technologies by creating your Google My Business profile. You may have several local SEO options, like directory submission and social media advertising. However, GMB is the strongest option to get better SEO results.

GMB listing helps you to create the best location-based SEO strategy. To make your business name appear in the local search process. You can reveal your business hours, reviews, address, and category. Moreover, Google’s Knowledge Graph uses the verified details on your GMB profile. 

Although you may find it easy to open your GMB account, you must know the rules of using it to get the optimal result. That is why you can rely on SEO professionals to manage your GMB listing. Visit Brainvire website and find the most reliable SEO specialists to serve your needs. 

Steps for creating your GMB account

Your first step is to open an account with GMB.

Visit GMB, and sign in to the Google account to create your GMB profile. Make sure that you have not previously created your GMB account for your business in a particular location.

You need to input your business details correctly-

  • Your business name
  • Category
  • Contact details
  • Physical address

You may edit the service area information with a few clicks. When you do not provide offline service to customers in a particular region, there is no need to add contact details.

After adding these details, you can click on the Finish button. However, it will not make your details visible to your potential customers. Your profile has to undergo the verification process. 

Know about the GMB listing verification

Google will send you a mail via Postcard within a few details. Verify your listing to ensure your business visibility. Until the listing is verified, Google will not display any business details. Moreover, you may not access the analytical data and customer reviews without these verifications.

 You will find a code with the Postcard, and you have to use that code for confirmation.

There are some steps to distinguish your GMB listing from your competitor’s profile.

Fill out your profile properly

You have to provide comprehensive business information to your Google. It enables the search engine to match your business details to the searches. Google tries to check out your business reputation, distance from the searchers’ location, and relevance.

Add photos for better SEO results

Photos can tell something about your business. You can add a cover photo with a logo. It is similar to what you do on your social media platforms. Without images, viewers cannot distinguish your business. You can add photos of your products and display your location.

For instance, a restaurant owner can post photos of food menus, dining room, and kitchen. The presence of photos increases your potential customers’ interests. Thus, you can find an increase in the number of bookings and raise your revenues.

Add special attributes related to your business

Based on your business category, you can search for the relevant attributes to add to your listing. 

For instance, bars and restaurants can upload their food menus and photos of special dishes. Similarly, hotels and resorts can display their ratings. Service providers have to make a list of their services and include a booking. 

A business is eligible for choosing up to 10 attributes. Make sure that you have not chosen any irrelevant attributes. 

Post your business updates, discount information, and latest news

GMB enables you to basic business details, like contact information, address, and business name. You have to add them accurately 

However, GMB also gives you space to add information about your business events and special discount offers. These regular posts will keep your profile active. You can drive more sales and find more customers in your store. 

Ask your customers to write a review for your business

A potential customer always likes to know other customers’ views to gain trust on a business. That is why you can request customers to leave comments on your GMB page. When you find customers with 100% satisfaction, you may make this request. You will get positive reviews from these customers. These reviews will also take your website’s rank to a higher level. You may share e-receipts and cards to request customers to write reviews. 

The above guide will be highly useful to get the optimal value from GMB. As your business website will appear in local searches, you will find an increase in the number of purchases. Your GMB account will have a positive effect on your website’s traffic. However, make sure that you have designed your website’s landing page properly, as visitors will reach that page from GMB.