life skills for students

5 Important Life Skills That Should Be Taught In Schools

life skills for students

Apart from academic knowledge, an individual should have adequate personal and social skills in order to be successful in life. These skills should be inculcated in them in their formative years, so they can grow up to be successful individuals.In addition to academic education, schools should work towards the all-round development of the students in order to enable them to become an active and productive part of their community.Making them aware of essential life skills is also a part of the all-round development process. Some of the important life skills students should be made aware of are:

Decision Making

The process of identifying and choosing a single option, from all the alternatives presented, is called decision making. From choosing which dish to eat for lunch to deciding which company to choose for a partnership with your firm, a person needs to make thousands of big and small decisions every day. Children should be taught how to make informed and rational decisions


Having a clear insight about their own personality, which includes their strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, motivations, emotions, and belief, is called self-awareness. This skill helps a person understand other people as well. A person’s level of self-awareness reflects on their personal interactions and relations, and this is something schools should help children inculcate.

Social Skills

Humans are social beings and therefore, having social skills is of utmost importance to them. These skills come in play whenpeople interact and communicate with each other. This includes both verbal and nonverbal interactions. Social skills reflect in one’s body language, gestures, and even personal appearance. Schools should have personality development classes to help students hone their social skills.


The capability of having faith in oneself and being confident about one’s decisions is called assertiveness. We live in a highly competitive world and if we are not assertive enough to showcase our skills, we ultimately lag behind. Now, there is also a very fine line between assertiveness and over-confidence, and that is what schools should help children identify.

Problem Solving Skills

Problems are an everyday occurrence in our lives. From getting late for work to having a malfunctioning computer,effectively solving these problems or finding a suitable alternative helps us carry on with our lives. By way of various activities, schools should coax children to find solutions to various problems that we have to face day to day.

Therefore, from the discussion above, it is quite clear that education on life skills for students at their schools is not an option, but a necessity. And, you as a parent must ensure that your child goes to a school that understands the nuances of these finer aspects of life, and is proactive at nurturing them.

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