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10 Natural Ways to Increase Sperm Count you Should Know

Men with lower sperm count must work on to increase sperm count. Because, healthy sperm plays a crucial on a successful pregnancy.

Although the male is not the one to carry the baby, his health, especially his sperm, will play a major role in whether the female gets pregnant.

Further, it is important to focus on overall health to avoid male fertility issues.

Moreover, a low sperm count can reduce the likelihood that one of his swimmers can fertilize the female’s egg.

Low sperm counts mean that his semen contains less sperm than usual. Typical sperm counts range from 15 million to more than 200 million sperm/milliliter of semen. A man with a sperm count under 15 million has low sperm counts.

Sperm motility and morphology are the other conditions that can affect pregnancy. However, there are certain remedies and solutions to increase sperm.

Causes Of Low Sperm Count

Lower sperm counts can sometimes be undiagnosed. There are, however, some possibilities.

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Testicles injuries(e.g. sporting injuries)
  • Undescended testicles
  • Varicocele
  • Orchitis
  • Some sexually transmitted infections
  • Ejaculation is difficult
  • Certain medications
  • Prior surgeries
  • Environmental factors like exposition to radiation or toxic chemicals
  • Way of life factors incorporate smoking, liquor utilization, drug use, and being overweight.

Another cause can be Dhat Syndrome. So, Dhat Syndrome is all about when a man notices sperm discharging while urinating. However, the syndrome causes due to certain psychological and biological behaviors.

Some men complain that they experience weakness, fatigue, premature ejaculation, low libido, or erectile dysfunction. Moreover, such conditions may lead to reduced sex encounters that fail to have a successful pregnancy. Further, there may be excessive sperm loss affecting overall fertility. Hence, to increase sperm count, effective Dhat ki Dawa is essential.

Further, there are certain natural ways to improve sperm count. Here they are as follows:

Ten Natural Ways To Increase Sperm Count

Low sperm counts don’t necessarily mean infertility for men. There are ways he can increase sperm count and improve your chances of having a baby, and these are some natural ways to increase your sperm count.

1. Healthy, nutritious foods

The nutritional needs of females are not the only ones being challenged during the pregnancy process, and men also need fertility-boosting foods. Research has shown that men need a lot of vitamins C, E, folic acids, and zinc. We can find these nutrients in whole foods, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.

Studies have shown that antioxidant-rich foods like walnuts and other fruits and vegetables can increase sperm quality. Deficits in vitamins C, D and E, zinc and healthy fats like omega-3 can also affect sperm quality and production.

Some foods can be harmful to sperm. The semen quality effects by consuming high saturated fats such as fried foods, processed meats, sugary drinks, etc. Moreover, high soy intake could lead to lower sperm concentration.

Hence, ensure you eat healthy to increase sperm count.

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2. Reduce the stress levels

Stress can impact sperm levels.

Men should ensure adequate sleep, regular exercise and adequate rest. Exercising too often can reduce testosterone levels and decrease sperm quality. So, exercise in moderation. Further, consider deep breathing or taking a good massage to relax quickly. All these will help to increase sperm.

3. Stop smoking and stop drinking

Lower sperm counts can also affect excessive smoking and other recreational drugs. A man can also have a lower sperm count if he drinks a lot of alcohol. Combining these two habits can be particularly detrimental to male fertility.

Studies show that smokers have low libido and less sex. Additionally, they may be less effective in the bedroom if they smoke, use recreational drugs, or consume alcohol.

So, men need to cut back on them all or, even better, get rid of them to increase sperm count.

4. Zinc

Zinc and sperm count have a direct connection. Further, they have an impact on other factors of sperm. Zinc and other nutrients may aid in protecting sperm from the negative effects of the toxins. Research recommends that enhancing zinc can assist with upgrading sperm and lift testosterone levels.

So, consider zinc for sperm health.

5. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha could improve reproductive health and boost fertility, particularly in males. In a study of 3 months involving 75 men experiencing infertility, 5 grams of Ashwagandha per day improved the number of sperm cells and motility. So, take ashwagandha supplements to increase sperm count.

6. Men should monitor their weight

Studies show that males with a high BMI tend to be more prone to fertility issues, and being a low BMI (less than 20) can affect the quality of sperm and concentration. Therefore, men should achieve an ideal weight to improve sperm count be healthy and stable to maximize the chances of having a baby.
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7. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals

Dads-to-be ought to try to minimize or eliminate exposure to dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, lead, and other toxic chemicals common in certain industrial settings that can impede the development of a healthy baby.

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8. Keep laptops on your desk

Researchers have found that males who carry laptops on their laps experience lower sperm counts. This is because the heat generated by your laptop can increase the temperatures of your testes and decrease the sperm count. So, to increase sperm count, avoid using a laptop on your lap. Instead, use a table or desk.

9. Avoid excessive heating

When you’re trying to get pregnant, your partner must keep his body cool. Steam rooms, saunas, and long hot baths can temporarily increase the temperature of your man’s body and reduce the quantity and quality of his sperm.

10. Vitamin D

Studies reveal that those lacking Vitamin Dare are more likely than other people to suffer from low levels of testosterone, resulting in less sperm count. One study uncovered that consuming Vitamin D for a while increased testosterone levels by a significant amount. So, men should supplement with Vitamin D to increase sperm count.

Bottom Line

You may not suffer from any serious ailment, and however, your daily life activities and choices may significantly impact your sperm count. So, consider checking out these habits, have a good diet, and adopt healthy habits for a healthy pregnancy as a couple.