Best Janitorial Cleaning Tips By Industry Insiders

Best Janitorial Cleaning Tips By Industry Insiders

You invest in digital marketing to create a strong presence of your business on the web. Everything is fine. One day you check and find a review saying “office was not clean”. Then you see one more such review. Your business needs to have a positive image both online and offline. Make sure that you have a sleek and shiny office. Take advantage of Irving janitorial cleaning services. Here are some tips for you: 

Energy usage Management 

Sustainability is not only your responsibility but also the responsibility of the Irving janitorial cleaning services company. Use signs to tell the cleaning company about machines that must be turned off.

Sanitization Throughout the Office 

COVID-19 crisis has made people take sanitization seriously. However, sanitization was always important. Sanitization throughout the office can prevent diseases. 


If you have a big floor then hire a cleaning company that takes time to clean. Patience is the most important tool for floor cleaning.

Neutral Cleaner 

Use neutral (ph7) cleaners to clean floors. Neutral solutions are gentle. Cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals are not good for your floor. 

Break the Routine  

When it comes to cleaning, professionals clean fixtures and counters in the same way. However, you need to break the routine for seasonal cleaning.   

Encourage Filing 

There are piles of papers in many offices. Filing rooms are often not very tidy. While it is the cleaning company’s job to clean the room, you should also try to keep the room tidy.    


While you are paying attention to key details, you cannot ignore basics like dusting window blinds, waiting rooms and more.


Label everything. The cleaning company may have to move some stuff. This will help them in putting things in place. 


Phone handsets, desktop electronics and other devices attract bacteria and germs. Pay special attention to these devices. 

Clean the Fridge 

Don’t use chemical-based solutions to clean the fridge. You can scrub mildew and mold using distilled white vinegar. 


You cannot ignore the walls in your office. Make sure that there is no visible dirt buildup on walls after the cleaning job.     

Change Mop Heads

Don’t blame your office canine if your space is smelling like a wet dog. Check the mop heads. 

From Top to Bottom 

Clean the higher surface first. Cleaning from the bottom does not make sense as you may have to clean it more than once.