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Make Large Canvas Prints FromYour Digital Photos


Large canvas prints are perfect for adding colour and character to your home. Regardless of the room, you can never go wrong with a piece of art on the wall.

But sometimes you don’t want the bland, stock photos that come with frames. Instead, you prefer the images on your phone that are sentimental and full of personality but can’t get them from your device to your wall.

With Canvas Prints, the process has never been quicker or more straightforward. Here’s how to make large canvas prints from digital photos.

Choose Your Favourite Image

First thing’s first – you need an image that you love. So, scroll through your gallery on your phone and pick the one that stands out from the crowd. It can be funny, silly, or remind you of a particular time. It doesn’t matter as long as it gets a reaction and you love the photo. We also accept images from Instagram, too, so there’s no need for your cell if the picture is already online.

Pick A Style

We have three main styles for our customers to choose from: landscape, portrait and square prints. The landscape option is excellent if you want to create a focal point in your home. With the 18”x 24” canvas print, you’ll wow guests every time and create an incredible contrast.

Portrait prints are excellent additions in minimal-style homes, while square canvas prints go with fully-bodied furnishings.

Add And Customize Your Image 

The next step is to upload your image and customize it to your specifications. With our portal, it couldn’t be more straightforward. Click on the “Upload Your Image” button and then use the tools underneath to reframe it if necessary.

To replace the photo with another one, click on the “Add Image” button.


Don’t head to the checkout yet – you still need to preview your product. We want to get the order just right, which means getting you to double-check everything is to size before finalizing the details.

Once you are happy with how it looks, you can proceed to the checkout and pay.

Why You Should Choose Canvas Prints

With us, you get high-definition images that are of the highest quality. Also, the frames are made from real cotton and come wrapped in a premium gallery wrap. That means our large canvas prints from digital photos are perfect for the home, workplace, or aspiring artists who want to sell their work.

We use waterproof inks, too, so there’s no need to fret if your canvas gets wet. All you have to do is wipe it away with a cloth and it’ll be as good as new! If there is a problem, you can take advantage of our fantastic two-year warranty on all online products. Of course, you can also return it free of charge no matter where you are in the world.

We believe the small things make the biggest difference, which is why our frames come ready to hang with a sawtooth hanging kit mounted in the centre. 


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