Why are Manhattan Mailbox Services Flexible, Secure & Convenience?

Even though we are in an era where sending and receiving emails or text messages is more convenient and preferred specific jobs still need the time old mailbox services. 

With Manhattan Mailbox, one is sure to get a secure location for all the storage of packages and mails; not only this but also professionalism and convenience comes hand in hand. 

Most people often get confused with a simple PO Box and a mailbox. Having a mailbox service will make sure that your business has an actual physical street address. On the other hand, little problems arise with a PO Box that you can’t use for filling necessary paperwork. 

Manhattan Mailbox

Services in Manhattan Mailbox: 

  1. Whether it is a personal mail or a business mail, our services make sure to provide adequate efficiency to our customers so that they face no problems.
  2. One can be confident in receiving a variety of items dropped off at our services from US Mail, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery options at our services.
  3. Any item of our clients that may fit in through our doors, we take them. For Example, even if it is your box for dry cleaning, we’ll still accept that.
  4. Other services offered by us are call-in mail check. All you have to do is ring us up, and we will have a look at your mailbox and let you know what is inside. 
  5. If you are still unsure or have queries, one needs to know that our services have a login web-based recording system in which all our packaged deliveries remain secured. 
  6. The recording system will send the client an immediate email or message that will help you know that you have a new package. 

Manhattan Mailbox Rental Services:

What make our services more flexible for clients is our rental services. If you do not intend to have a permanent mailbox, make sure you choose our services. A rented mailbox will not give you a PO Box, but you will have a street address. 


  1. A monthly payment that you have to pay and it depends on the type of the mailbox.
  2. For a tenure of six months, we collect advance payment for the rates charged. 
  3. For the first rental, we also charge a fee of 20$ that will provide you with one-time documentation and a lock change. 
  4. Depending on the type of your mailbox, whether it is for your personal use, business purpose or corporate use, our rates are 65$, 78$, and 90$ respectively. 
  5. A minimum of two names for a personal mailbox, a business mailbox gives you one business name and four personal names. On the other hand, for a corporate mailbox, you get ten business or individual names. 

Shipping Services at Manhattan Mailbox:

Our services are the only stop to all your large or even the tiniest of products, from shipping postcards to large products or even delicate ones. We make sure we choose the best shipping services to make sure your parcel is on time and safe. 

FedEx is one of the most relied services when it comes to speed in the delivery along with tracking. Fast delivery does not mean your product may get hampered or poorly delt. With speed, we also make sure convenience and security, whether it be a small product or a big one.

The most catching service is the on-time delivery which allows our services to grow further. 

Other than FedEx, our other shipping services are also associated with USPS and DHL. As one always needs low postal services for items that have low value and also don’t need immediate deliveries. Even though that does not mean we delay with any of our client’s parcels. 

DHL is a service that has the entire of Europe and the Middle East covered with its fast services and also affordable rates for any client who wishes to send items far off. Our deliveries are also not restricted to our lands; we make sure to provide services all over the world in limited time, depending on the place. 

Therefore, we are a service working from the year 1999, with over fifty thousand parcels delivered and received with the utmost convenience and efficient staff work. With about the best team in the city, one need not worry about any inconvenience. We make sure we have answers to all the queries out clients have and try to solve them with utmost responsibility.