Midland GXT1000VP4 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

1. Midland GXT1000VP4 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie



Keeping the batteries charged is easy with this pair of Midland radios, which come with a convenient charging dock. A charger is also included with the set for charging your car radios. With up to 36 miles of range, the powerful radios provide 50 channels. In case of emergency, you can send an SOS signal over the radio using NOAA channels. With direct call, you can easily connect to one member of a group.


As a brand Midland
Colours Black/silver
Number of Channels 50
Count of batteries 24 AA batteries required.
Dimensions of item LxWxH 3.3 x 9.3 x 11.6 inches
Amount of resistance to water Waterproof



What is a About

  • This walkie-talkie features 50 GMR channels and a channel search feature. Splash-resistant due to IS4 waterproofing.
  • Communication over a distance of 36 miles, in an open area with few obstacles. Easy voice or sound activation (evox) with 9 sensitivities for hands-free operation.
  • Privacy codes – you can block up to 3, 124 channels with 142 ctcss/DCS privacy codes.
  • You will be alerted if you are in the path of severe weather based upon scanning over 10 different weather bands.
  • In the box you will find radios (X6), rechargeable batteries (X6), boom microphone headsets (X6), belt clips (X6), 120V Dual Desktop charger, AC adapter, DC adapter, and an instruction manual.


2. Walkie talkies 200 Mile RX680 from Cobra



They’re IP54-rated, which means they’re dust- and water-resistance. The battery is rechargeable, and a docking station is included. It is easy to keep in touch with these walkie talkies because they have a range of up to 38 miles in good conditions, and they feature 2,662 channel combinations. Also, NOAA channels are easily accessible in an emergency.


As a brand Cobra
Count of batteries 2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
The water resistance level Waterproof
Global Protection Rating IP54



What is a About

  • LONG RANGE OF UP TO 38 MILES: Has a long range of up to 38 miles, along with 2662 combinations of channels and 121 privacy codes that minimize unwanted interference
  • The IP54 waterproof & dustproof standard has been met with the design of this product
  • Weather and emergency alerts are built into the device so that you can be prepared for storms and other emergencies.
  • A minimum of 18 hours of ultra-long runtime is provided by the built-in rechargeable batteries (90% standby, 5% talk, 5% listen). Includes micro-USB doc charger as well
  • A radio that transmits without pressing a button is called VOX – VOICE-ACTIVATED TRANSMISSION.

3. Walkie talking radios from Komvox



This option offers top-notch features despite its affordability. There are 121 privacy codes on the voice-activated device. It is ideal for close contact, rather than long distances, because of its range. With the USB cable, you can also recharge the radio.


As a brand KOMVOX
Colours Yellow
Count of channels 22
Count of batteries 6 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Dimensions of the item: length x width x height 1.97 x 1.38 x 2.17 inches
Weight of item 0.25 Kilograms
Maximum range of conversation 10 Kilometers



What is a About

  • The walkie-talkies have 22 (Family Radio Service) channels, as well as a scan function to check for activity on the channels. It provides high visibility with its bright yellow faceplate. There is a USB port for charging the two-way radio since it is rechargeable. If you use a smartphone charger, that will be a huge benefit for you.
  • RANGE – 10 miles for long-distance communications in open, unobstructed areas. A 10 mile sea trip, 5 mile woods hike, and 2 mile town trip. Different environments may affect the distance.
  • It offers 2,662 channel options to help you block other conversations like 121 CTCSS PRIVACY CODES. For all tones to be turned off, use silent operation.
  • With Easy Voice and Sound Activation Transmission (eVOX), you can operate the device hands-free.
  • GIFT IDEAS FOR TEENAGERS – A great adult gift for teens who enjoy indoor/outdoor activities. All issues are guaranteed – If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by clicking on the link on the box or by e-mail.