New Teaching Approaches To Adopt In 2020

New Teaching Approaches To Adopt In 2020

Gone are the days when teaching was all about delivering a lecture in front of thirty or fifty students with no regard for individual needs. The only focus used to be on the amount of content that a teacher delivered relevant to the subject matter. But with the advancement in the field of education and psychological research, coupled with technology, you cannot settle with the obsolete teaching practices anymore.

With advances in all these fields, the needs of children are also becoming increasingly easy to identify. With easier identification of these needs, schools can easily focus on what a child needs to be on par with the needs of the modern age. You, as a parent, must focus on the needs of your child. When you enroll him/her in a school, you can follow the example of parents in the UAE who are preferring the international curriculum schools for their kids.

If you are living there, you can enroll our child in one of the American schools in Dubai because they employ new teaching approaches well suited for living in the twenty-first century.

This article aims to introduce you to the new approaches that a teacher can employ to fulfilling the needs of a child in the modern world.

Five teaching approaches to consider in 2020!

With advancing times and innovation in technology, about time, the world moves on with the teaching practices as well. Some of the suggested teaching practices are as follows:

1.Personalized learning

It involves designing and delivering content suited to the needs of every child in a classroom. It needs a lot of hard work on the part of a teacher. But, it is a fact that every child has different needs and a different caliber. As a teacher, it is not only a professional but also your moral responsibility to meet the needs of your students.

2.Project-based learning

In this approach, students are exposed to a complex real-world problem. They have to spend a long time solving the problem. It helps develop their analytical skills apart from encouraging the vigor to solve daily life problems without fear of complexity.

3.Place-based learning

It is a way of integrating school experience with community experience. When they visit an orphanage, they learn empathy and introduce their selves to the problems of other kids. When they visit the site of a dam, they learn how the process takes place. In this way, apart from learning in the classroom, students learn better by witnessing things live.

4.Formative assessment

I this mode of teaching, instead of assessing who reached the learning goal, the teacher assesses the bare minimum of the course that students need to learn. It lifts the burden off the shoulders of the students

5.Flexible Fridays

Slight lenience has a very positive impact on students. If teachers begin to give students a relaxing environment with the least amount of burden on Friday or any selected day of the week, they will feel reenergized for studying the next week

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