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Reasons Why You Should Shop Rugs Online

Shop Persian rugs online – Whether you’re looking for outdoor rugs for your patio or just an area rug to set off your living room — Wovenly is perfect for choosing a rug. We picked out the reasons you’re most likely to find the unique contemporary rugs that will take your living space to the next level.

A Selection to Match Your Style – Shop Rugs Online

From Midcentury Modern to Boho, Wovenly has a huge selection of indoor and outdoor rugs to match your color patterns and styles. Area rugs are a great way to show your style and make a statement. Often interior designers use the rug as the starting point for creating a palette for the room. The Wovenly selection can ofter option after option, whether it be classic wool woven into a solid statement rug for your entryway area or a beautiful, bright geometric style print for your place. The types and choice of style offered to make shopping online easy.

Rugs are a Durable Option for High Traffic Areas

If you’re looking for an indoor/outdoor rug that isn’t subject to change with time and that can hold up in high traffic areas while retaining its quality, then Wovenly has you covered. They have a great variety of options for natural fibers on indoor area rugs. These are rugs that hold up under the wear and tear of a bunch of kids while still looking great. Rugs work well as both an aesthetic piece as well as mats for shoes and boots — which means they should also be durable. If you have a coat room area or anything that needs carpet protection from scuffs or spills, a rug is a perfect option as most are machine washable–just be sure to double-check the label before cleaning it to make sure you don’t ruin it. Plus, you know it won’t wear out and will be there when you need it.

They Offer a Modern Feel but Stay Comfy

Rugs offer soft, rich textures that can feel as interesting as they look. Having a comfy rug is a contemporary way to get some comfort back in your living space. There’s nothing better than digging your toes into a large and soft rug at the end of a long day at work. The kind of rug that makes sleeping under the coffee table area feel like a real option. If you love luxury and want to shop rugs online, this is a way to give your living room the palatial treatment it deserves. Live a little.

Geometric Designs that Can’t Be Found Anywhere Else

Maybe the most fun rug trend of 2018 was the one toward funky, fun geometric designs. The style is called, “Geometric Bohemian” which allows you a little bit of the Boho aesthetic without ever getting too clunky or messy. It’s the perfect way to shop rugs and make a fun aesthetic choice that will add just a dash of Boho class to your decor. It’s a way to say that you love books, but you also love the comfort of a little softness and invitation.

These looks are especially nice if you’re looking for a rug for a nursery, but want to keep the space looking modern and nice yet still warm and gentle. These are plush rugs with chunky, multi-textured styles that can be perfect for comfort and relaxation. They’re also a fun way to liven up an otherwise dead office space or give a little home charm to your guest room. It’s a flexible style that says sophistication, comfort, and fun are all an important part of this space. And I mean, who doesn’t love a little sophistication, comfort, and fun? Sounds like Mad Men.