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Renting A Self Drive Luxury Car In Goa: Check Out These Tips

India is fast catching up with the sharing and renting economy. It is an ongoing trend to hire luxury cars even if one needs it for one night. With various rentals available, renting a car has never been easier.

Concept Of Self-Drive Rentals

Self-driving happens to be a fancy and popular concept in India. Nowadays people prefer to rent a car to explore various destinations. The convenience and added flexibility of the luxury car rental in Goa with self-drive option offer unmatched convenience as a person opts for other travel options like the train, bus, or even cabs.

Things You Must Consider Before Renting

If you want to choose luxury car rental in Goa, especially self-drive ones, you must consider certain factors.


The company charges on an hourly basis for renting luxury cars. But the rates may soar especially, during any holidays or on the weekends. Sometimes it depends upon the type of car model that one chooses. Besides, it is the fuel type that decides about the same. The best method to choose your luxury car would be the total distance that a person would want to cover.

For instance, if a person has a long trip planned, then they must choose a rental with no fuel policy. It will help the person to save a lot and enjoy the trip. Besides, rental plans including fuel expenses are best for people who look for cars to travel or use within the city.

Type Of Car

The decision would depend upon the type of traveler and the comfort level. For instance, if adults plan for a long journey, they should opt for a diesel hatchback to reduce the overall cost and get good mileage. However, people can also choose an automatic car for convenience during traffic and congestion.

Consider Other Costs

When you choose a self-drive vehicle, you feel a refundable security deposit with the cost of damage and the rent of the car. If the cost of damage claim goes above the deposit, the customer has to pay it. Also, various companies choose to charge for over-speeding. Hence you must consider the cost and adhere to the legalities.


Before you book a self-drive luxury car rental, you must visit the destination to know about the network coverage. It would be beneficial, if you can stay connected as it would help you overcome any emergency.

Check The Parts

Most of us are inexperienced when it comes to choosing a self-drive rental car. Hence, to be on the safer side, make sure you could check the part of the car. You can start with the examination of the engine, brakes, and the battery of the car. Make sure the decor consists of Stephanie Jack or a spare tire.

How To Rent?

Choosing a luxury car rental in Goa with a self-drive option can be preserved for special occasions like Road trips, long drive, anniversary or birthday. Various companies offer this service at the convenience of the customers.

One can book a luxury car online, even from the mobile application. The services offered by the rental car companies are easily accessible and readily available. You need to have a driving license to book a car.

Besides, you can opt for both long-term and short-term periods starting from hourly to even monthly basis.

Bottom Line

Road trips on cars and bikes are a popular option nowadays. It demands high-end, premium, and luxury rental choices. The rental charges for these vehicles depend on the type and the hour of usage. Before choosing self-drive rental cars, you must check all the aspects mentioned above to make your trip experience awesome.