aluminium window lock

Secure Your Windows with High Durable Aluminium Window Lock

Window locks are an essential part of the window as it is vital for protection and security. Using the right window locks is necessary because they are useful in keeping out any unwanted. Window locks are also needed to protect us from extreme weather conditions -rain, sun, wind, and even dust. Aluminium window locks are one such kind that is used in a wide range.

Types of Window Locks:

The lock of the window depends on the design, style, and frame of the window. It is necessary to choose the right window locks to keep your home safe and secure. Different types of window locks known are-

  • Dual screw window locks
  • Snaplock for UPVC with keys
  • Snaplock for UPVC without keys
  • Snaplock for metal and wooden windows
  • Jacklock window restrictor
  • Flush pivot lock
  • Window restrictor

Other types of window locks are including- metal window lock, locking handle, jammer, and many more.

The Best Material for Window Locks:

Window locks have numerous variants present in the market, among which locks made of zinc alloy, iron; brass, aluminium, and stainless steel are readily available products. However, the most effective and highly recommended is the aluminium window lock.

Why is Aluminium Best?

Aluminium window lock is the best one to use for windows because of the following reasons:

  • Aluminium locks are cost-effective as they are cheaper than iron.
  • Aluminium window locks are durable and long-lasting.
  • Unlike iron, aluminium window lock is rustproof.
  • These locks are easy to fit into the windows.
  • Installation of aluminium window lock is easy and less time-consuming.
  • The sleek and stylish design is available in the market.
  • Aluminium does not crack or get discoloured.
  • Aluminium is fireproof, which gives extra safety.
  • Aluminium doors and windows parts have a powder coating that does not need any painting as it has excellent longevity.

How to Install Window Locks?

Different windows have different types of locks that have different ways of installation. The installation process is easy to do by self. However, in case of any difficulty, it is good to call for expertise or any professional.

When and How to Replace Window Locks?

The locks of the windows need immediate replacement if any damage is detected or the lock starts dysfunctioning. Replacement in such cases is crucial because locks in the windows are a part of safety and security.

Replacing the window locks is quite a simple procedure. For replacement, unscrew the present latch, and then a similar latch is replaced and screwed into the exact spot.

Maintenance of Aluminium Window Lock:

Although aluminium window lock is an excellent product for the windows, yet maintenance of it is never a bad idea as it just increases the life of the product. Keep a few things in mind, while maintaining locks is a good idea.

  • Any grease or deposits on the lock needs removal.
  • Swobing the lock with a light detergent diluted in water and then rinsing it with cold water.
  • Applying any furniture cream after the lock dries completely.

Following these few steps will give the aluminium window lock a high surface finish and increase its durability and longevity.

Aluminium window locks are a reliable product and are used widely in every household. With little care and maintenance, these locks run for a long time and value money.