Security companies in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s best cities, as law enforcement authorities follow strict rules without prejudice. That being said, you can find top security firms in Dubai that offer an extra layer of security for both businesses and individuals. As the Emirate has a lot of interesting activities going on throughout the year, you’ll also come across a lot of companies offering event security in Dubai.

There are also security guard agencies in Dubai, providing personal security services. Businessmen, actors and high-profile socialites also need additional protection and security.

You can notice specialist security firms in Dubai, providing staffed security for villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah and industrial buildings. Large residential buildings, in particular apartment complexes, sign agreements with security firms to guarantee the safety and security of tenants. Likewise, banks and other financial institutions also need security guards in Dubai to secure valuable properties.

List of the best security agencies in Dubai

If you are concerned about the security, have a look at the list below. The following are the best security companies in Dubai:


G4S is one of the major defence firms in Dubai. Operating in more than 110 countries, G4S provides a wide variety of services to businesses spanning 20 UAE industries, and more than 800 government and non-governmental organisations. It operates from manned security personnel to security surveys and crisis management plan.

Many searching for trustworthy surveillance camera firms in Dubai should contact G4S for electronic security services. The organisation offers robust technologies for the design, implementation, deployment and management of electronic protection.


Securiguard is one of the most experienced security firms in Dubai that has developed a good reputation for partnering with private corporations and the government. Over the last 12 years, the company has undertaken a variety of fruitful collaborations with international banks, UAE armed forces and other top organisations.  The services provided by Securiguard includes a wide range.

Transgaurd group

A leading brand when it applies to defence systems firms in Dubai, Transguard Group provides a wide variety of services to its vast clientele. Established in 2001, it has received huge contracts across Dubai. This provides compliance management for certain mega-sporting activities such as Rugby Sevens and the IRB Rugby 7s World Cup. The Transguard Group has three major security services categories: Event Security, Security Solutions and Systems Integration (Electronic security).


The fourth entry on our list of security firms in Dubai is a major international firm, Securitas, which services people across four continents. It works on human and defence integration services in the UAE. Residential and commercial institutions can, thus, employ their expert services to guarantee protection.

Because they have a diverse clientele, the business will easily respond to the demands of any customer. So, whether you are a big multinational or an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises), Securitas may be a perfect choice.

Al Jaber coin security group LLC

Al Jaber Coin Security Group LLC is another top security business in Dubai. It is a subsidiary of the Al Jaber Group which merged with the Protea Coin Securities Group in 2004. It delivers services to government and non-government groups. Al Jaber Coin Protection Group is well recognised in the banking and finance industries in particular.

Rak security company

RAK Security Company has been launched to serve the people of Ras Al Khaimah. It has, however, extended its service to all seven Emirates. Both small and large businesses have been collaborating with them, and the review is that their programmes have been excellent. They have PSCOD, and SIRA permits from the Police Agency.

A.J security and safety consultant

AJ Security and Safety Consultant is a mid-sized security company in Dubai. It is registered by the Private Security Business Department (PSBD). Several officers and non-commissioned officers are part of their management.

How can I hire a security service in Dubai?

You can approach Dubai’s top security guard agencies that better serve your personal and business needs using the numbers mentioned above. Most businesses have professional staff to address any questions you may have about security services in Dubai. To ensure your workplaces and factories’ safety, check out the list of fire safety companies in Dubai.

Everyone likes to go the extra mile for the safety and protection of their family. Getting your hands on luxury villas for sale in Dubai is also a security measure as it is one of the most secure villas in the region.