Spray Tan

Spray Tan V/s Airbrush Tan – Which One You Must Go For

Nothing will highlight the beauty of your skin other than a beautiful tan on your body. Airbrush Tanning in OKC will provide you with a healthy glow that will give you beach-looking skin. Sun tanning is also an amazing option but it’s not ideal during the summer season as this might damage your skin as well. This is why most people go for Airbrush Tanning in OKC

Airbrush Tanning

During the airbrush tanning process, the professional experts apply a turning solution that suits your skin tone with the compressor and an airbrush. This solution has an active ingredient that reacts with their skin outer layer for creating a bronze effect. The tanning solutions continue to darken your skin color after the first application and then achieve optimal color after 12 hours. There are standard solutions that consist of a bronze pencil which creates an instant and effect however this must be taken with the assistance of an expert as they are well known in identifying your skin areas that require tanning. The initial sessions will involve skin evaluation and consultation in order to identify the ideal complements and shades for your skin tone. Airbrush tanning is reliable and affordable at less than 20 minutes and will last up to 10 days and won’t even fade off after you take a shower. Airbrush tanning is good for people with delicate skin and those who want to beautify their skin aesthetically. It covers all your skin blemishes. 

Spray Tan

It’s a process that involves applying tanning solutions with nozzles and booths. This solution consists of DHA ingredients that tans or bronzes your skin. The client has to enter the booth naked and stand at certain angles as instructed. It’s pre-programmed and is done via speakers on the booth. The tanning mixture covers the entire body with calculated and rapid spray bursts. The quantity of the spray depends on the preference of tan’s strength on the skin. This process is faster and more natural than basking at the beach. It can last upto 7 days and provide you excellent results.

How To Choose Between Airbrush and Spray Tan

Although both these tanning processes deliver nice tans on your body, it’s suggested to go for airbrush tanning in OKC as it delivers accurate and complete tan to your body. This process also promotes the hygiene and cleanliness of the skin and you’re never given the used spray booth.