Ten modern engineering web technologies that you should know

Ten modern engineering web technologies that you should know

Over the last few years, many modern engineering web technologies have confronted us as a result of new startup stories coming into the market.

Startups in India are advancing daily with the help of these new yet crucial technologies. If you are interested in learning about the tools and modern practices that will help your startup grow, stay with us. Below we have jotted down ten modern web technologies that will help your startup stories India to become great.


1. Google Web Starter Kit

Based on the google web-search fundamentals, this is still a lesser-known technology, however, a boon for all the new web developers. With its vast library, you can build interactive web pages, HTTP servers, and CSS/Saas modules.

2. Docker

What if you need to transfer your software or websites from one server to the other? With the help of a container platform like Docker, you can smoothly perform this task by creating a virtual environment. For your startup to prosper, tech like Docker is a must-have, and you can master this with the bundles of guides online.

3. Gulp: Automation tool

Today, Automation is as much as necessary as writing code for your website. An automation tool as Gulp performs some of the intricate, time-consuming tasks like compiling Sass into CSS, refreshing pages, installing the browser hacks in your code. Due to a shortage of time, Automation tools have become an integral part of every successful startup story.

4. AMP: Accelerated mobile Project

With the surge in the number of mobile users, this technology is coming more into play.

Though it doesn’t work for heavy websites, this technology is revolutionizing the experience of simple mobile searches.

It can effortlessly load pages faster, fetch images/ videos in no time, and enhance the user’s reading experience.

5. Three.js

Though the need for 2D and 3D graphics online is still not that common, this is one of the booming technologies you can use to create detailed data diagrams and artworks. Moreover, it is free, open-source, which means it is updated regularly along with WebGL API.


6. Machine learning

The aim of deploying this technology is to gain improved features inherently. This software analyzes the input data, search for the patterns, and then makes decisions. Learning the INS and out of this tech., is only helpful to boost up your startup story.

7. APIs

Application programming interfaces are an integral part of the strategy for developers today.

To enhance the end-user- experience, mastering this technology is a good developmental idea.

8. Data security

The more lucrative is your web page; it is more prone to getting attacked. AI and Block-chain technologies are suitable to rely upon.

Remember, the more you are into this technology, the safer your data is.

9. Motion UI

You might have an app, but is it interactive? If not, then enable the motion UI on it.

Motion UI helps the user guide it through your app and demonstrate the connection among the app’s various components.

10. Angular and React

Thousands of Modern Web applications are based on the Angular and React JS framework.

You can use to develop a native mobile application with the same knowledge of JS and CSS, and without much addition to your base code.

Conclusion: Many startups in India are already using all or some of the above technologies to successfully run their platforms. Now the turn is yours.