The 2-Minute Rule for sex for couples

Asthe therapist for sex I’ve hadpleasure of sitting withthousands upon thousands of mentodiscusstheir sexualexperiences, sexual lives,andfantasies.Although I don’t have any of theexperience of being a man and have had the opportunitytolearn from male perspectiveson sexual relations.Although every man is different yet there are common themes.

1.The body isthe very firstlocation where you will findthe sex you are looking for.

Although women’s desire to have sexmay be promptedby their minds, memory, oremotional feeling of connection, for men desireis physical.Huge quantitiesof testosteronecan be found in men’sbodies.This drives them tosexualdesire.Sexual erections can occur at the smallestprovocative event in young men.For a mature man, he reacts to theglance of his spouseorwifenaked in the shower.It’s hard to underestimatethe way the body’s chemical systemguides his mind’s behaviour towardssexual desire.

2.The male experience of sexan appetite.

sex for couples He wants to be satisfied.Hiscravingto have a sex experience is similarto a desire for chocolates.Every episode givesthe chance for a delicioussurprise, no matter if it’ssmoothor buttery rich ora little raw andsweet or bittersweet.He is always looking forsomething that will leave him delightedand surprised.Dessert isan integral partofa day.But, the contextof the relationship –for instance, a fightwith his wife–could still ruinhisappetite.

3.Sexual energy is a source ofenergy.

Sexualitycan infuse men’sintimate relationships withexcitement and potential.The manisenthusiasticandpassionatedetermined to accomplishthe purpose of his lifeandpursue his lover.Hepushes through daily monotony, tantalized by the fantasyofan enticing sexual reward at theend of theday.

4.Sex is an exciting thing.

It’sthe most thrilling adventurethat you’ll ever have.His body is an amazingtoy that he’d prefertouse at full-speed.Orgasm isgenerally safeand why men loves romantic sex?  the variety of sexual actions, positions and rhythms seemsto bea great methodtoincrease his satisfaction.Everyflirtation or smile, innuendo form, figure, orsexualimagery, whether fictionalizedorreal, can bean attack onthe male brain.Aglance at something or someonethat evokes sexual desire makeshis brainwaves go into a frenzy.

5.Sex isa method through which heloves.

Men frequently describe the momenttheir partner issexuallyhappy as the time when heturns on them.It’s a mystery tomen that they are calledselfishfor their desire forsexualconnection.Their hearts are filled withthe hopeofa mutual, intimatebodilypleasure.Heoften fantasizesabouthowtoenhance itfor her, and begging fordetails about her sexual fantasies in order togrow as a romantic.

6.Love is the very essence ofsexual intimacy.

Sexual releasecan give menthe sensation of beinghome.After all the painandstruggles, sexual release embodiestenderness and affection, as well asrelief and comfort.Although some may accuse himof “onlydesire sex,” most men wantand feel a much moreemotional connection than a simplesexualrelease.Love can be a literal trigger foran emotionalbondingto his partnerandboosts the relationshipgenerosity confidence, faith,andoptimism.The mostenjoyable partof a romantic sex appreciated by your partner.

While women generally wantan emotional connectionmore thana physical one and men are often required tofeel a connection with a womanto feel secureenoughfor them to bevulnerable.Ultimately, male sexual driveinrelationships is a blessingthat is an additional pathtowardthe love of your life.