The Domestic Assault

The Domestic Assault Epidemic in America

Domestic Assault is Everywhere

Did you know that one out of every four women will experience domestic assault in her lifetime? It’s true. If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance that someone has tried to hurt you physically or emotionally. The scary thing is, the majority of domestic assaults are never reported. I believe this is because most people don’t even realize they have been affected by domestic assault until they create an awareness of the subject themselves. This happens for me all the time with different subjects I write about on my blog. Domestic violence is real, but it’s not something that people talk about openly until someone dares to bring it up first! As more and more people join the conversation on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, more light is being shed on this often-hidden epidemic in America! Women are standing up together against abusers with one voice, making sure their stories aren’t ignored any longer! When we all unite together as one force; nothing can stop us! Here are some facts about domestic abuse…

Every 9 seconds a woman or child is beaten in America (source). 73% of women with partners who abuse them report experiencing severe physical injuries (source). A shocking 30% percent of U.S. I will find an attorney for you if you need one.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Think

What do I mean by that last statement? Domestic abuse is a problem in all societies around the world, regardless of race or culture. In my opinion, it boils down to one thing: people think they have a right to control others without their consent! The sad truth is that many people don’t see this as a big deal because domestic abuse happens so often in our society. A large majority of the population is not aware that they have been affected by domestic abuse until it’s too late. It’s time to change the way we think! We all need to open up our eyes and examine what we believe about domestic abuse. I believe this is where I come in! I am a good person, but I have been abused by my partner before. He did not physically hurt me, but he did verbally abuse me and manipulate me with his words. This led to a lot of distress for myself and my family members who witnessed the verbal abuse from their own perspective. At first, even I was confused about whether or not what he was doing really qualified as domestic assault since there were no physical signs of injury on my body.

I was also confused because I didn’t see it as a form of domestic assault at first. He would scream and yell at me all the time, but he never actually hit me. Why would he have to hit me? I thought to myself! He had already broken me down emotionally, so why did he need to physically harm my body as well? What a big mistake that was. I let my guard down because I felt like no one could ever truly hurt me without taking a physical action first! That’s where the real damage came from. The emotional pain is just as bad as any physical pain that can be inflicted on the human body! It took a long time for this realization to truly sink in for myself and my family members who witnessed the abuse from their own perspective. It took some time for them to realize what was really going on inside of our relationship, but once they did… everything changed!!! They couldn’t believe what they were seeing or hearing from their loved one’s mouth or even from mine…

I Don’t Want Violence Anymore

My abusive partner used to tell everyone around him how much he loved violence and violent sports like boxing and MMA fighting.

If you’re a woman and you’re currently experiencing domestic assault, please know that I support you! Domestic violence is real. You are not alone. If your partner does not love or respect you as a human being, then they do not deserve to be in your life! The most important thing for you to do right now is get help immediately so that the abuse stops for good! There’s no time like the present. There’s no reason why we should allow this epidemic to continue. We can’t let our loved ones suffer any longer by staying silent on this subject matter… Let’s stand together as women and change the way we think about domestic violence in America!!! It will take us all working together, but there’s nothing we can’t overcome when we work with one mind!

Thank You For Reading…