The Essence of Zinc Supplements on an Active Lifestyle

Supplements have become a daily requirement, thanks to the hectic lifestyles that we have adapted to. However, if you are looking for specific supplements like zinc, there must be a particular reason. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps in carrying out vital functions of the body, starting from making the genetic material DNA to proper growth and development of infants, this mineral plays a primary role. 

People might need zinc supplements due to various health conditions such as poor immunity, slower than the usual time taken for wound healing, imbalances in hormonal functions, infertility, weight loss, depression, and more. As zinc is responsible for various biological processes in the human body, it is an indispensable nutrient that you cannot replace.

Usually, we obtain zinc from various food sources, like red meat, chicken, oysters, nuts, seeds, grains, and so on. But because of the reason that the human body does not store zinc and has to be regularly obtained through these sources, some might fail to get the daily requirement of zinc.

So, in such cases, doctors across the globe recommend you to add a zinc supplement to your daily lifestyle. However, before availing of such supplements, have a look at why zinc is beneficial for your active lifestyle?

Benefits of Zinc Supplements

  • Improves Chances of Fertility 

Zinc is one of the minerals that you cannot store in your bodies; that is why the repeated and regular consumption of this mineral is required to get its benefits. Zinc supplements thus guarantee the proper intake of this mineral to keep your bodily functions working well. Zinc is directly linked with fertility for both men and women. 

Medical studies have proved that zinc is directly linked with the formation of sperm in the male body. Low levels of zinc may lead to low sperm count and sperm of a poor quality that has fewer chances of fertilizing the egg.

For females, low zinc content in the blood causes the women to have a hard time conceiving and often takes more time to conceive. The adequate zinc amount in a person’s blood varies between men and women. The adequate amount stands at 8mg for women, and for men, it stands at 11mg.

  • Accelerates Wound Healing

Zinc deficiency is responsible for slow wound healing, as proven by some studies conducted by experts. If you happen to have zinc deficiency, zinc supplements can be your ultimate solution. Zinc supplements are highly efficient at accelerating the wound healing process. The reason is that our skin holds about 5% of our whole body’s zinc content. 

Zinc is also responsible for vital functions in the body, such as healthy inflammatory response, good immune function, and collagen synthesis. Maintaining all these functions helps in fastening up the wound healing process. So, as we can see, the production of zinc in the body is essential for a faster healing process.

  • Immune Function

Zinc supplements can help you keep your immune system in a healthy condition. Especially in older adults, zinc supplements are recommended by doctors from around the world to increase overall immune response. The supplements work by reducing oxidative stress and acting as a catalyst for making particular immune cells function when required.

If you struggle to get rid of the common cold once caught, you should consider getting zinc supplements from a supplements store Canada. Many people around the world struggle to get rid of the common flu. A review of about seven studies conducted has shown that intake of 80-92mg zinc each day can reduce the total length of the common cold by up to 33%. 

Also, zinc deficiency leads to a weakened immune response that can make you susceptible to many harmful bacteria and viruses. If you are struggling to get the required amount of zinc from your daily diet, you can consider using the AOR Zinc Copper Balance supplement to see the results for yourself. 

  • Plays a Significant Role in Your Gut Health

Your gut health is a critical factor in keeping your overall health up. Gut health has been linked to the proper consumption of zinc in dietary form. The problems lie in the fact that low zinc consumption can worsen gut health, and poor gut health can also reduce zinc absorption by the body. It is not possible to study which comes from which, but it has been noticed that both situations can lead to serious health problems. 

Zinc deficiency can cause diseases such as Diarrhea, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, gastrointestinal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, and many more. These diseases also reduce your body’s ability to absorb zinc from dietary sources.

To keep yourself healthy and prevent yourself from getting these diseases, a regular intake of zinc supplements can keep you safe and healthy without the fear of your gut health going down.

  • Helps Reduce Acne & Other Skin Problems 

You would be surprised to find that the bacteria that is associated with the growth of acne can be actively reduced with the help of zinc supplements. Acne is a commonly occurring skin disease that affects most of us during our teenage years. This skin disease is caused by the obstruction of bacteria, inflammation, and oil-producing glands. 

For some people, acne becomes consistent even after crossing their teenage years, and it often becomes embarrassing for them. Consistent acne can be attributed to mental health problems such as lack of self-esteem and self-confidence due to unsatisfactory outward appearance. This is a common occurrence among millions around the world and needs to be addressed immediately. 

It has been found that people with low levels of zinc are affected by acne. So, to increase the zinc levels in the body, you can either get oral or topical zinc treatments. Both the treatments can help you gradually get acne-free skin and boost your self-confidence as well. 


Zinc supplements are an easy and non-intrusive way to consume your daily dose of zinc requirements without disrupting your lifestyle or dietary choices. Red meat and chicken are some of the highest contributors to naturally occurring zinc. However, for people that follow a vegetarian diet, a zinc supplement can help them keep up with the zinc levels in balance and keep their bodies safe from all the problems mentioned above.

Now that you know its significance, we hope that you incorporate zinc supplements into your lifestyle soon!