electric vehicle charging station

The Future of Electric vehicles is reaching towards us through the Best EV Charging Station App

An electric vehicle (EV) is a vehicle (two-wheeler or for wheeler) that runs on electricity instead of gasoline. Maybe some people are considering purchasing because they can consider the global environment. However, you want to know the advantages correctly before purchasing.

Electric charging system

A clean alternative with reduced costs that uses a greater variety of energy sources, including renewable energies.

We believe that the future of our cities is supported by electric vehicles.

One of the EV charging app, Statiq is aware of the evolution of our cities and it is for this reason that it has developed a charger for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle market is expanding rapidly around the world and India is no exception. Technologies evolve, prices fall, demand increases. But it is not just the technology applied to vehicles that evolve. Electric vehicle charger manufacturers are also looking for permanent evolution, providing users with the best technology at the lowest cost.

There are nevertheless voices questioning the ecological component of electromobility, however, it is clear that the variety of electric-powered motors on the roads is growing. Therefore, there is a developing want for charging points. Even if we can not do barring public charging factors when we tour longer distances, home charging will be adequate for everyday commuting, work and shopping.

Future of transportation

Electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles represent the future in terms of individual transport. The new wave also reached India through Statiq and began to become a serious option for classic transport methods. The new charging technology is now also available for you offered by Statiq, through electric vehicle charging station suitable for any type of vehicle.

Statiq has main activity as the manufacture, sale, installation, maintenance and management of electric vehicle charging station for electric and hybrid cars. As specialists in the field, the solutions proposed by us are tailor-made solutions for the needs of each partner, so that the satisfaction of him and the final customer is maximum.

Benefit of working with best EV Charging Station app

First of all, they create visibility for your brand by promoting charging points on Android and iOS applications.

Increasing the number of services you offer to your customers leads to streamlining your business. Your involvement in the development of a clean and unpolluted society is the most effective way to demonstrate to the community you belong to that you are participating in building its future.

Their competence and solutions ensure the operation and control of the mounted equipment both in the private sector and in the public sector. They work closely with their international partners to provide the best and safest management solutions to cover the full range of needs of the customers, owners of an electric vehicle charging stations or electric cars.

Aiming to solve the big four problems of charging station networks: low ROI (Return of Investment), limited power capacity, difficulties in locating stations and uncertain operating costs, Statiq mobile app creates a multi-story base Mobile application + Network management + Smart hardware that, together, offers the satisfaction of using a high-performance network.