The Rosy Affair – Gift Ideas For Your Lover To Match Your Rose Day Vibes

Being in love has made you memorize all the days of the love week? Now, you will be celebrating each and every day according to what day it is starting from rose day to valentine’s day. Well, we all do stuff like this when in love, right? Each year starting from 7th of the Feb and going till the 14th Feb, we dedicate ourselves to the one we love because it’s the week of love. 

First comes rose day which falls on the 7th of this month and you will see hundreds and thousands of roses traveling here and there. It’s the day of roses so expecting them is no surprise. Your partner may also be planning on buying a bouquet for you. If you are thinking the same, we suggest you take a second thought. 

I personally love bouquets and think that they are a great pick, but I also think that gifts for rose day are also a good idea. Well, I will totally let you stick to the theme of this day while helping you out to find gifts that give a tough competition to the classic rose bouquets. If you are interested, keep reading as I unfold some really lovely rose day gift ideas that match the vibe of the day. 

A rose scented candle set

Candles are a pretty good gift for any type of occasion because they can be turned into any shape and design to match the event. For this rose day, candles are available in the design of rose and when we are talking about a scented candle, they come in the rose scent which clearly fits for the rose day. Encircling yourself with a fragrant rose aroma is consistently a decent way to keep your spirit sound and fresh. 

So this time, either go with a scented candle set in rose flavor or search for rose-molded candles. If this sounds very simple and cheap to you, here is something you can do. Take a scented container candle in any mild aroma you find and remove the cover of it. Then, put some fresh roses in the container, and present it to your bae— an ideal double scented candle set, with a Little difficult work.

Rose infused pendant

Ah! Most people run to jewellery when they need a classy, luxe, useful gift for someone special especially ladies. I agree that jewellery is a very thoughtful gift if you are looking for any woman in your life. You can wash rose day to your mom, girl, wife, etc with this piece of jewelry. I recommend you buy a rose-infused pendant which is a very beautiful gift. 

A small fresh valentines flower is stuffed in a round glass pendant making your gift look lively. A real flower pendant is a unique rose day gift for anyone on your list especially if you want gifts that are themed for the day. A pendant is something that can be worn on a daily basis which makes it a very useful gift that will remind the receiver about you each day. Such gifts are long-lasting and hence worth a purchase. 

Rose inspired cake

We all know that cakes can be easily molded into whatever shape and design we want, so putting them on the list is a mandatory and easy option that you will find anywhere. All you have to do is make a pre-order for a cake decorated with rose shaped frosting. 

Doorstep rose delivery

Who doesn’t very much want to get the surprises at their doorstep? There are numerous services that let you get the Rose Day presents delivered at your desired address even if it is out of the city in a far land. This way, long distance couples can too celebrate this day and share the love with each other. Receiving a gorgeous gift at their door from someone they love is really a special feeling. It will fill their heart with joy!

This is the list of gift ideas that you can buy for rose day and they will completely stick to the theme of the day. Hope you like them and you can celebrate the day in the most amazing way.