Things to do in Tauranga – An Overview

The Bay of Plenty is home to some of the moststunningsun, seaandsandy beachesNew Zealand has to provide.Taurangaliesalong the sought-after coastline.Here you willdiscoverthe Mauao volcanoaswell as the stunningMount Maunganui beach.The localsrefer to it as”the Mount”, asthe beach has water sportsandfestivals for the brave, as welldelicious food for thefoodies.

Here area fewof thebestthingsto do inTauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui, an extinctvolcanic peak, can be seen justacross Tauranga harbour.Mauao is the Maori nameforMount Maunganui. Itis accessibleearly in the morning to enjoythe best views.There are a variety ofwalksand typically takeabout anhour towalkthrough the pohutukawas.It is a steepclimb, but the reward whenyouhave reached the topis360deg viewsof Tauranga Town Centreas well asthe Bay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach & Pilot Bayare located on the mountain’s slopes. The views arebreathtakingfromall angles.Relax and enjoy the sunrise while enjoyingan amazingbreakfastpicnic(coffeeis required).

Adventure Water Parks-BeSplendid

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s WaimarinoAction Park in Taurangawillgive youthe adrenaline rushyourequire.You can find a varietyofactivitiesalongthe Wairoa Riverjust a 10-minutedrivefrom thecity’scentre.There’s somethingto suiteveryone, includingclimbing walls for rockand aclassicslip andslide.The Tarzan swing, water trampoline or the blob – a massiveinflatable thatlaunchesyou intothe wateris all there forthose who are brave enough.Waimarino offersevening glowworm-worm kayak toursonLake McLaren to those looking for atranquilactivity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Ahike to the waterfallisan essentialelement of anyKiwi summer.Start by heading toMcLaren Falls Park. The20-minute trekwilltake you through native forestsandglowworm caves.There arealso severaltrails that traversethereserve’s 190 hectares and are worthan afternoon of exploration.Kaiate FallsKaiate Falls, located 30 minutesfromTauranga and is the next stopto be on your list of things to do.Take the forest trailtotheKaiate Falls’ topandthenfollow the cascadesdownuntil youreachthis swimming hole.Enjoy a refreshing swimin thisstunninglake.

A catamaran sailsto thisuninhibited isle

Whakatane isa meredriveaway from the coastline.It is thestarting point toan unforgettabletripaboardthecatamaran.Set sailtowardsMoutohora Island areserve for wildlife alongthe Bay of Plenty coastline.It is possibletosee rare native animalssuch asTuatara, Kakariki, fur seals, penguins,and Tuatara.You can also go snorkelingaround the islandand foran opportunity to see thestunningmarine life.Enjoy your dayat the island’shot-water beachor relaxingon thesideboard of the boat.

The Dream Summer Festival

Are you  trulyanKiwiif you haven’tbeen toatthe very leastone summerinBay Dreams?They know how to dobusiness. Cardi B, whoplayed hits likeBodak Yellow at the Januaryconcert in 2019,sold out.Peking Duk’s,LAB, Katchafire, and Sub Focus were just ahandful of acts thatwere on stageat the NewYears festivalin 2021.Bay Dreams is the perfect summergetawayfor those wholovehot summer dayswithan amazing lineupof glitter,jeans,and camping.

These Stores Offer Local Shopping

Shopping in Tauranga  isall about uncoveringhidden treasuresatindependent stores.People with an eye for designanda love ofthe Kiwi-made brands must visitthe PaperPlaneConcept Store,which offers a carefullycurated selectionoffashion, lifestyle goodsandhousehold items.If you’re looking for something a little more spontaneous, stop byOur Place fora selection of rotatinglocal pop-upsfromfashion to art and jewellery.Our Place Centre is builtfromshipping containers.This centre was designedtooffer low-cost retail spacefor localartisans and entrepreneurs.So you can becertain to find uniquetreasures.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Do you wantto indulge insomeluxuriousness?Thebestwaytoenjoyluxury is to havean informal picnic with a bohemian themewith a view ofMauaomountainas well asthe ocean.Bay Picnicscanoffer teepees that havelarge fluffy pillows, festoonlighting,comfy throwsas well asBluetooth speakers.It’s the ideallocationtocelebratea birthday orspecial occasion, or simplyenjoy a casualevening.With avarietyoflocal, veganand freshfood options Theyalso cater toyour everyrequirement.Ifyou’recelebrating a specialevent(read the dream of yourengagement), you canadd flowers and other decorationstoyourpicnic.

GetAmong The Markets

Weekend markets are somethingTauranga isknownfor.Take a look atthe Little Big Markets on thesecond and firstSaturdaysineverymonth. Theyoffer a varietyof uniqueartists and deliciousfood items.There’sall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepes to rainbow shaved iceandlocal-made treats.The Dinner at the Domain is aweeklygatheringfeaturing the bestfood trucks.We’re talking bubblewaffles, themost delicious burgers, giganticpaellasand sweettreats.We’resalivating at the delicioustreatsthat are offeredby Hello Rosie.The actressis also aloverofvegan junk foods.There’s also someincredible seasonal productsinthe Saturday Farmers Market.Itmakes any cheeseboardimpressive.

Moturiki Island – Walk

You read correctly Youcan walkthere.Thetiny350-meterislandislocated nextto Mount Maunganui and connected viaan elevatedbridge that is a walkway.A blowholeshoots water outat high tidewhenyoustep onthe island.Take the path upwards and you’llbe greeted by vastviews of Mauaoas well asthecitycoastline.

Salt Water Hot Pools arean excellent way to relax

Visit theMount HotPools at Mount Maunganui is a mustis a must if unwinding and relaxationiswhat you are looking for.These salt-water poolslocatedagainst Mount Maunganui are well-known for theirhealing properties.A soak in themwillmake you feellike adifferentperson.If you’relooking to stepup the luxury, simplymake an appointmenttoa private poolandthat massage you knowyou deserve.

Go toThis Quaint Historic Village

You canstep back in historybystrollingthroughcobbled streets andhistoricvillage .It’ssimple to spend yourdayin this charmingtown that is brimmingwith hiddennooks, quirky artisans,andcharmingcafes.There are alsoa numberofart studios that are small enoughtoexploreincludingTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery, so the art aficionadowill be well looked after.

Take advantage of the delicious local food

Foodis ourpassion.Tauranga’sdeliciousdrinks and bites will haveyoubegging formore.

Ground Zero Coffee is amust-seeforcoffee lovers.They are the Bay OfPlenty’sfirst Specialty Coffee Microroastery. Their coffeesincludeiced and flatwhites.If you’relooking forsomethingsweet, you’d do welltoswingbyYo and Co which is a dessert bar that specialisesinwaffles,savoury and sweetcrepes, and isit’s alsoone of Tauranga and The Mount’sbesticecream shops.

Nourishedeatery is amust-seeforthose who are health-conscious andare a bit of a sweet-tooth.Theplant-based cafeis all aboutusingfresh, local produce. Theypride themselves in being100% vegan and offeringgluten-free and dairy-free options.Breakfast is a great option, and you canenjoy a tastyWellness Bowl stuffed with herby hash browns,smokytofu,tomatoes, sprouts, quinoaand coconuttzatziki.Speciality sweet treats such asNutella, custard, anddouble chocolate browniesare availablefromThe Nourishing Bakker.