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Time to catch up with the latest telecoms news!

Telecoms is one of the largest and most rapidly changing industries in the world. Telecommunications have been changing a lot in recent years with 4G, 5G, and more network options than ever before. Services are becoming more convenient, faster, and cheaper than ever before: cheap international calling app can be made directly from your mobile phone, you can send text messages to tell someone what you want to buy, etc. We’ve brought you a round-up of the telecom news that’s reshaping the way we use our mobile, broadband, and landline services.

1. Oracle acquires Cerner for $28.3 Billion

The database giant Oracle is all set to acquire Cerner for $28.3 billion. Cerner is an electronic healthcare record provider company. Oracle will now be able to significantly contribute to the healthcare sector. It is expected that entry into a growing industry will benefit Oracle which is already increasing its cloud infrastructure footprint.

For now, the announcement is the first step for a series of steps which also include a formal filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Oracle’s CEO Safra Catz thinks that Cerner will prove to be a great revenue growth engine in the coming years as Oracle will be expanding its fox business across many countries. Oracle used the same strategy to grow NetSuite.

2. Nokia and Elisa Estonia Ink 5G Deal

Elisa Finland’s subsidiary, Elisa Estonia, has partnered with Nokia for revamping the present 4G infrastructure during a five-year arrangement and the deployment of a national 5G RAN deployment. Estonia’s spectrum auction is expected to complete at the beginning of 2022 and the deployment is set to start in the following year. Nokia will be supplying the necessary equipment from its latest ReefShark System on AirScale (powered by chip) equipment portfolio, which is expected to cover the nation’s countrywide radio network.

Elisa Estonia’s CEO, Andrus Hiiepuu, said in a statement that they have big goals for the provision of up-to-date communication and entertainment services to customers over the 5G network. Moreover, they added that Nokia is a reliable partner which can help them deliver 5G business successfully.

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3. T-Mobile Scam Call Stats Released

According to T-Mobile, scam call traffic doubled during the year 2021 with 425 million calls on average every week. As per the company, the Scam Shield service managed to prevent 21 billion calls to its customers. More than half of these calls were from car insurance firms, parcel delivery companies, cell phone providers, fake automobile warranty frauds, and fraudulent social security workers. The company launched its current Scam Shield program last year assuring the security of all consumers irrespective of the subscription plan. The lowest scam call volume was noted on Easter and the time leading to Christmas. Scam call volume was recorded the highest for areas like Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.