Top 3 Summer Upgrades to Stand Out in a Crowded Housing Market

Summer is well underway and you probably have already had a barbecue or two now that social distancing guidelines have eased up. Now your backyard may suit your needs fine and well, but if you’re trying to sell your house, you’re going to have to spruce it up a little bit. It’s a seller’s market but if you’re hoping for a quick sale, real estate agents share their thoughts about what upgrades you can do this summer to make your house stand out.

Hot tubs 

What’s the one thing you think of when you think of summer entertainment? A swimming pool, right? We certainly do! Although a swimming pool is a big ticket item on a buyer’s wish list, buyers are also interested in a hot tub. Hot tubs can be costly, to be sure, but you can recoup much of that cost when you sell your home. 

Real estate agents around the country say that an inground hot tub can increase the value of your home by 71%. A freestanding hot tub could increase the value by $800. Sure, this isn’t a huge amount by any means, but it’s still a nice chunk of change, especially since you can enjoy the hot tub in the meantime. 

Outdoor kitchen

You probably have a grill in the backyard and that’s enough to keep the burgers and hot dogs flowing but your grilling station could be so much more than that. Real estate agents say that buyers love the idea of an outdoor kitchen because it makes those backyard barbecues so much more enjoyable. No one likes running in and out of the house because they forgot something!

To make your outdoor kitchen, you could just install a built-in grill with counter space or you could go the full monty and include features like a wet bar, cabinets, a sink, and a refrigerator. You could go even further by including a flat screen television, a dining area, and enhanced lighting.

The awesome part of an outdoor kitchen is that you could see a $3,000+ return on your investment ($6,000 if you’re in the Pacific region!). 

Backyard deck

Whether you love to entertain, enjoy the weather, or sell your home, a backyard deck is a great addition to any property. You could turn your deck into your grilling headquarters or you could make it a cozy living space that satisfies all of your needs. Of course, if you prefer to keep things simple, you could put up a canopy and set up cozy patio furniture and use string lights to amp up the ambiance. 

The thing about building a backyard deck is that you could see a nice return on your investment, too. For example, you could recoup 97% of the cost depending on the materials used, size, and your location. 

Standing out in a crowded market isn’t impossible

We know that entering a busy seller’s market can be intimidating, especially if this is the first time selling your house. One would assume that your house would be sold quickly and for more money than asking, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes buyers may not even give your property a second glance if it doesn’t appeal to their wants and needs. 

You can change how attractive your property is to buyers by making some improvements to the backyard. The upgrades we covered in this article are just a jumping off point from HomeLight’s Fall/Summer survey. If you want to increase buyer traffic to your home, you should ask your realtor for their insights regarding what buyers in your area are searching for and go from there.