IFB Washing Machine Models in India

Top 5 IFB Washing Machine Models in India: Price List and Comparision

IFB is a well-known household appliance brand. It’s one of the largest Indian electronics manufacturers, offering household appliances. In terms of washing machines, IFB washing machines are the best on the market and are well-known for producing an amazing array of washing machines. They may be ordered online through stores such as Bajaj Mall at a substantial discount to the regular washing machine prices.

The following is a list of the top IFB washing machine models that you can buy from Bajaj Mall at the lowest EMI.

IFB Senorita 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine 

This IFB washing machine has Cradle wash technology that provides a gentle wash for your delicate clothing without causing any wear and tear to the garments. The steam cycle uses steam produced by the drum to clean every item of laundry and offers 99.99 percent germ prevention.

It has an automatic tub cleaning function that makes sure the tub is clean for the next wash cycle and also informs you after 40 wash cycles to run the tub cleaning program. The Aqua Energie contains a built-in device to give the water more energy. The filter treatment absorbs detergent better, giving garments a gentler wash. 

The crescent-shaped drum creates a smooth and soft water cushion that washes delicate items gently and avoids any harm from occurring. It has Auto Imbalance Vibration Control to identify imbalances during spin. 

MRP ₹38,790
Offer Price:      ₹28,560
Washing Capacity: 6.5 kg
Washing Method Pulsator Punch+3
Function type Fully Automatic Front Load
Number of wash programs 8

IFB Serena 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with 5 Star

Laundry day may be a stressful experience, but this IFB washing machine Serena series reduces the stress associated with this everyday task. A great wash may be done using the 3D Wash program, which soaks garments extensively. In order to keep allergies at bay, it is an anti-allergen and hygiene product that may be used safely in the presence of children. During the wash cycle, you may pause, open the door, and add clothes. 

MRP ₹38,990
Offer Price:      ₹30,361
Washing Capacity: 7 kg
Washing Method Normal
Function type Fully automatic front load
Number of wash programs 12

IFB Turbo Dry 550 Dryer

The IFB Turbo Dry 550 Dryer is an excellent machine and comes with features such as sanitary drying. It includes a two-way heated airflow system from the top and sides that gives the wet clothing a consistent heating action for drying as the drums move the clothes clockwise and anti-clockwise. The interior drum is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. 

MRP ₹20,990
Offer Price:      ₹20,595
Washing Capacity: 5.5 kg
Washing Method Normal wash
Function type Fully automatic front load
Number of wash programs 3 Wash program

IFB Aqua 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Place your order for the IFB washing machine from the Aqua series, which is capable of performing fully automatic cycles. Child Lock, High Low Voltage Protection, and Auto Imbalance System are a few of the safety features that will give you full assurance that your peace of mind will be preserved.

 It automatically selects the optimal heat intensity for drying using one of six distinct drying programs for various types of materials. It has cutting-edge technologies that combine high-quality washing results with improved clothing care. Stains and grime may be effectively removed using Aqua Energie, Triadic Pulsator, and 3D Wash.

MRP ₹20,390
Offer Price:      ₹15,415 
Washing Capacity: 6.5 kg
Washing Method Triadic pulsator
Function type Fully automatic top load
Number of wash programs 6 Wash program

IFB Executive Plus 8.5 kg/6.5 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Load Washer Dryer Combo 

You can wash and dry more clothing at once thanks to the washer’s 8.5 kg capacity and the dryer’s 6.5 kg capacity. This IFB washing machine has a built-in heater that can dry clothes in five different ways.

It has IFB Essential/Xpert wash App compatibility with One-Touch Ordering, so you can choose your wash program with only the touch of a button. It offers Siri, Google, and Alexa compatibility for smart use. Because of the Eco Inverter technology, it performs at peak efficiency.

The Power Steam program is a 30-minute program that uses steam twice to eliminate bacteria. It keeps the texture, color, and suppleness of the cloth all intact.

MRP ₹47990
Offer Price:      ₹37,246
Washing Capacity: 8.5 kg
Washing Method Tumble Wash Program
Function type Fully automatic front load
Number of wash programs 14

At Bajaj Mall, you can purchase IFB Washing Machines from the convenience of your own home. 

There is a broad variety of IFB washing machine models available at the Bajaj Mall for your convenience. Whether you want a semi-automatic or a fully-automatic model, you can get it from the brand. Bajaj Mall offers great deals and discounts on all appliances, helping to bring the washing machine price down. Additionally, buyers may use the no-cost EMI feature to buy their preferred washing machine model and pay for it with simple EMIs.

At the online store, you will be able to buy your choice of the model according to the specifications and preferences you want, and then you may pay for it using interest-free monthly installments (EMIs). Your new washer will be delivered 24 hours after making the purchase.