Auto Mate Systems Ltdoffer and install automatedsliding gatesthroughoutthe UK.They provide security againstpedestrian and vehicleintruders all day longandareoperated in conjunction with variousaccess control devices, such asswipe cards, proximitycards, intercoms, andradio transmitters.

Automated sliding gates are by far themostcommon device to securea site by remote monitoredsurveillance cameras. So,forexamplethe gate(s)could be controlledbya CCTV monitoring station indifferent parts of the nation.automatic gateThey are typicallysecured by design since thegateacts like a sectionof fencing, which thencan be moved to permit access.Thegates that slidedoes not have ainherentpivot(as the hingesoftheswing gatehave) thus it is unable tobepushed open or rammedby a force of frontal force.

A sliding gateis operated byan drive rack(steel barwithnylon or steel teeth carvedorweldedin the) and is drivenby a motor fitted withan geared cog that isidentical to the teeth that are onthe driveracking. It isimperative to choosethe right motorto connect tothe gate, and one thatallows for the quantityofjobs thatthesliding gate is expectedtocompleteinanhour.Remember, sliding gatesnotfast moving devices Therefore, if you’re facingsignificant traffic spikes at shift startand end times,it’s worth considering lettingthat gate in place forshortdurations or placingthe gate openon a timer system or controlledby a specifiedaccess control totheProjects team tofigure outthe most appropriate and effectivesolution for your location.

Themotor selectionwill determine theracking utilized insliding gate’s manufacture. Nylonteeth, nylon, weldedwith a steel angle aremainly used on domestic typegatesfor quiet running.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racking is usedon gate motors capable ofmovinggates ofup to 2600 kilograms andMod6 steelracking can be used ongateswith a weight ofup to 6000kg. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youon the best motorsize, rack size andhas stocks of all sizes.

Sliding gatescan be activated usingseveral types of access-controlequipment,likea digital keypadorRadio fobs, push buttons,technology for card swipes or proximitynumber plate recognition, biometricreader photocell,induction loop , and morerecently, with a mobileconnection.

Whenconsideringwhat a gate should look like,it isimperative that considerationis given to safety considerations.AtAutomate Systems Ltd, wewill be able to offer advicein all areas to ensurethe best type ofgateis installed to meetyour needs, and also ensuretop quality suppliesand installation. This includesforces testing afterthe installation.


tracked sliding gatesrun on a trackbuilt into the road.The gate is constructed withstrong beams at thebase of the gateinto which are installedtwobearing wheels.They are then positioned onthe rail, which permitsan extremely heavygate tomove backwards as well asforwards easily. Thisgives the possibility forthe gate to bemore robust and stronger, allowingthe gate’s spans to reachat 12 metres or more,as well as heights exceeding2.4metres.When coupled tothesturdy frame supporting the gate orportals creates arobust and securesliding gate.

Thespace of clearance requiredfor a track-slidinggate isslightly less thanthat required for a cantileveredsliding gate, becausethe frame andframe and motor maynotexceed onecentimetre.garage doorsIt would result in arun back area ofgate’s open area, in addition toone metre forgate support and motor. Itis vitalthat the run track beeven and flat.Any incline wouldnotonly causethe motor toexert more energy than it mightbe designed to however, it could also posedangers to safety,should it be necessaryin order to manually operate your gate.These are just a few of the aspectsassociated with a sliding gateour highly skilled engineerscan discuss with youwhilecreating your track-basedsliding gatesystem.

We can offer:

  • Supply and installationof a fullyfunctionalandintegrated automaticsliding gate.
  • A 12 month full warrantywithall installations.
  • A variety of levels of maintenance agreementsthat will meet your requirements(allat competitive rates).
  • A design solution toyourparticular website.
  • Technical and diagrams oncables that we use for our products.
  • A list of the products you will needto help with yourdevelopment of your design.

To get a quoteon an automaticsliding gate system orjust get more details onourautomated sliding gate systemsand other systemsyouareinterested in,pleasedon’t hesitate to getto us by phone or fax

In a commercialor residentialstructure, making sure you havesecurity isthe top-most priorityof all property owners.It is essential to have the necessarysecurity features in placeat your property.

Since gates are the most importantgateway to entry and out so, careful consideration must bepaid when installing them. Modernsliding doors for autoarewell-likedfor a rangeofresidences.A reliableAutomaticSliding DoorandSensor Door Systemsuppliercan assist you with obtainingtheright kind of gatesthat will meetthe requirements of your budget.

Here are somebenefitsof installingsliding doors with auto-slidingandswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare a hit all over the worldbecause of their ease of use.There is no needtoget out ofyourcarto open or close the gate.The system will operatethroughsoftware programs.There is no needto pay attention to closingthe gateeverywhen you are enteringthe property.It will close automatically afterthe vehicle arrives.

  • Ensure Higher Security

When you opt formoresecurity,it is impossible to ignorethe latest technology. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufacturers developandbuildthese systems using the aidadvanced technology to guaranteean unbeatable security foryour possessions and property.Automated locks as well asintegrated safety beams are among the mostefficient features inthese gates.These gates offer optimal securityovermanually secured security of standard safetyalternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gatesare developed and designedto withstand regulardamage and wear.High-tech materials are employedto make them durablesufficient for long-term use. They arespecifically designed to providehigh-end functionality and performance for the longestamount of time.

Enhance Visual Appeal

No matter if it’s a residentialplace or commercial elegant and appealingsliding doorscan enhancethecurb appealof the.YourAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturercan create custom gatesdepending on your designsandrequirements for size.

SRTEC Automation offers a wideselection of automated gates,sliding doors as well as other formsofindustrial and commercialentrances. Wecan provide you withtheproper style, dimensionanddesign that is a perfect match foryour choice. Our productswill ensurethe safety and security ofyourproperties.They are efficient, durable attractive and reliable.

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