henna powder for hair

Top Reasons on Why You Need to Apply Henna Powder On Hair?

Has your hair quality become awful? Did the hair fall bother you on a regular basis? This is the time for you to apply henna on your hair. It is a chemical free hair solution that is now easily available in online stores. Indus Valley is one of the well known sites that have a good stock of chemical free hair color. Since the products are totally natural and free from all types of chemicals one can easily get an improved hair with regular application.

How henna powder benefits your hair?

  1. Minimizes hair fall

Today, every 8 out of 10 people complain about hair fall. Are you one of them? The henna powder is going to give you a stunning effect. For this you have to boil some mustard oil and then soak the henna leaves in it. Mix them well and apply the same over your scalp for 2-3 times in a week. You can easily get wonderful benefits from it.

  1. Deep conditioning

Sometimes people complain about fizzy and rough hair. It is just due to lack of conditioning of the hair. The henna powder for hair is going to work well as it help in getting your hair deeply conditioned.  For this you have to make a paste by soaking 2-3 spoons of the henna powder in warm water. Soak it overnight. Get up next day and add 1 egg, curd and lemon. Apply this mixture on your hair strands and scalp. This will make your hair look really attractive.

  1. Controls itchiness

Sometimes due to excessive heat your scalp sweats. As a result you get the sensation of itching. Also, the small microorganisms as well as fungus growing on your scalp can give you itchiness. For this you have to mix the henna powder for hair along with the tulsi leaves. Apply these over your scalp and rest for an hour. You will see the reduction of itchiness right from your scalp.

  1. Colors hair naturally

Transformation of black hair to white colour is quite common for people with 50-60 years. But, these days due to pollution within the environment even the youngsters are getting their hair gray. The use of chemicals can be one of the reasons. Henna powder is the chemical free hair color you can easily apply. Along with improvement of hair health you can get wonderful natural color.

  1. Reduces split ends

One of the symptoms of the damaged hair is the split ends.