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The Differences Between Effective Mobile Marketing Trends and Fashionable Fads

The Differences Between Effective Mobile Marketing Trends and Fashionable Fads

If you’re a parent or remember growing (Buy Facebook likes uk)up as a child (I’m a sad panda for anyone who doesn’t) you’re well conscious of the influence of trends.

The most recent and best gadget or toy that your daughter or son (or perhaps you) should be able to play with, mostly because they want it however, it’s also because Billy who lives across the street already owns it? Yes, those are fads.

WSI Blog How to Know the Difference Between affluent Mobile Trends and Fads that are fleeting

In the past there was a time when the schoolyards were brimming with marbles. Later, it was Pogs and then Pokemon cards, and obviously the devil sticks.

I can remember having them in various forms, but in one go, even though it’s true that each probably had a great couple of months and ended up in a drawer alongside other fads.

At their height, Pogs were so interesting marbles were so rare that they didn’t stand a chance.

As if you were in a schoolyard during recess, the internet is awash with new trending, fads, and every shiny, fool’s gold-like item you can think of.

This is a concern for both consumers and marketers.

If it’s an ad-based campaign or (usually) the one or two of the endlessly scrolling landing pages which convince you to purchase something you don’t really want or require.

A method of marketing which fails to live up to its too-good to be true promise it’s not easy to stay clear of the traps in the Internet.

However, there are technological advancements and trends that could be significant for both the marketing and consumer side and discerning the difference between powerful mobile trends and fads is a crucial ability.

If you’re using smartphones (and I’m sure many readers have) You’ve likely asked yourself, “Should I download Pokemon GO to find out what the hype will be about?”

Oh, I’m old enough to be that old, you’ve said to yourself. It’s one more of those trends that you believe. Nostalgia? What is that?

You think you are wondering as memories threaten to explode from the corners of your head. You attempt to hold them back.

Download Pokemon Go; Don’t download Pokemon Go, it does not matter. Pokemon Go is the best example of how to distinguish the difference between powerful mobile trends and fads that are just passing by since it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve had any experience at all with it.

It’s not clear if you are aware of it, but Pokemon GO is changing the future of local marketing.


Local brands market


It’s impacting the way that consumers who are in your vicinity are purchasing and this in turn impacts how local brands market to the consumer (a segment you’re a in, even though you’re not using Pokemon GO).

Furthermore this technology that powers Pokemon GO – augmented reality has caught the attention of marketers and brands, and has opened up a new avenue of communication with the consumer.

In the world of augmented reality gamers play games but in real life they visit brick-and-mortar stores to meet certain objectives within their games. In a nutshell it’s brilliant.

As an actual game, the jury is still out on the validity of Pokemon GO is a fad however it’s not a matter of opinion. The impact that the game has had is lasting.

However the only thing that the game and marbles affected in the end is the final result of the garage sale your family has organized.

How to Avoid the Fads

The most important question is how can you tell the difference between a successful smartphone marketing trend from a passing fad? In reality, there are no definitive guidelines. The definition of “fad” is hazy at best and frequently debated.

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The most effective way to consider important trends and fads to consider whether the tactic, game or method you’re considering has been incorporated into other areas of your life in which it’s not needed. For instance Pokemon GO is a popular topic.

Pokemon GO conversation makes sense in the schoolyard but it’s all over the place also at bars, on news, in offices , and at dining tables all over the globe. Pokemon GO may not organically be found in these settings however, it’s not difficult to see its impact on each one of them.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be a victim of a trend or trend, which is fine. We all want to improve our company or brand and at the end of every day, doing whatever it is – to make a difference is more effective over sitting with your feet.

A lot of fads work for short time periods however they aren’t as effective as long-term regulars.

For instance Infographics


For instance Infographics were referred to as an fad prior to (albeit an ongoing fad). Although infographics could be in the fall of their life however, numerous companies and brands have seen great success through infographics in marketing (us included! ).

A large part of the reason that people are able to forget about trends is a sense of how something will impact society and people However, another aspect of this is simply not paying attention to the name. If something works to benefit you as well as your business no one cares about what others think of it?

Pogs were amusing. Marbles were great fun. Pokemon Go is a blast and altering the way that marketers consider mobile marketing. Be it a fad or not, it’s easy to recognize the distinction between something that has an impact on everything around.

Everyone would want to take the joy from marketing – or recess, but If you find some other ways to tap into the most important trends, you might see an improvement in the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.