A Look Into The History And Types Of Bollards

A Look Into The History And Types Of Bollards

In simple words, a bollard is a vertical post standing to protect the perimeter of a building. You can find safety bollards surrounding parking lots, storefronts and more. The purpose of installing permanent or removable bollards is the safety and security of a building, people working in that building and customers. It is not a new concept. They have been in use for more than 200 years. In the 17th and 18th centuries, people used to use old cannons as bollards on quaysides. 

They used to bury the cannon underground with the rear end projected above the ground. To protect their businesses and houses from damage from carriage traffic, the people of Amsterdam started installing bollards made from cast iron. This became a trend in Amsterdam. Soon bollards were used to identify walkways. Bollards became a necessity in the late 1880s due to powerful vehicles on the road. However, cast iron bollards were not strong enough to provide protection against such vehicles.

As a result, bollards evolved with time. Now we have different types of bollards for safety against accidents. Let’s see the applications of different types of bollards. 

Pedestrian Guides

The purpose of using these bollards is to help pedestrians stay in designated lanes to walk. You can also use pedestrian guides to keep traffic away from these designated spaces.

Security Bollards 

“Smash and grab” burglaries are very common. Security bollards are used to prevent these burglaries in stores. In such burglaries, burglars use heavy vehicles to smash through a window. This is an easy and quick way to loot. However, preventing such burglaries is also super easy. You simply need to install security bollards. Security bollards are also installed in high-security areas for protection against threats like terrorist attacks.

Safety Bollards

Safety bollards are used to protect against storefront crashes of lower impact. Such impacts are very common. You are held accountable for injuries and damages. 

Asset Protection 

You can install bollards inside stores. These bollards can be seen on the corners of retail shelving or ATMs or refrigeration units. The purpose of using these bollards is to protect customers against hand-powered cleaning equipment or carts and alert them of dangers.    

Bicycle Protection 

You can hook your bike up to bicycle protection bollards. This also allows better traffic and protection management. You can also attract cycling customers by installing this type of bollards.