Vitamins and Supplements: A Beginner’s Guide

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body and lifestyle. But, unfortunately, while we try to get these necessary nutrients from a well-balanced diet, we often fall short on certain nutrients especially required by our bodies. 

Thus, vitamin and supplement become a necessary part of an active lifestyle. With the rise in eCommerce, one can easily find vitamin supplements store online that deliver directly to your doorstep. However, one needs a basic understanding of these supplements before purchasing one for themselves.

In this article, we will walk you through a beginner’s guide to vitamins and supplements – how to take them and which are best for your health. 

Best Vitamins and Supplements for a Beginner 

While vitamins and supplements cannot completely cure any diseases, they can help you lessen the risk of specific ailments by boosting your immunity and giving you a healthy body. Here are the best vitamins and supplements that one requires to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Multivitamins – Multivitamins comprise a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients they contain. While multivitamins are mostly prescribed for pregnant women, older adults, or postoperative individuals, others can also take them in small, prescribed doses. 

Vitamin Store like Healthy Planet Canada can help you find any multivitamin you need for your well-being. However, one should carefully research the type of multivitamin they intend to take – check its size, serving amount, form, and ingredients. We suggest talking to your doctor before starting a multivitamin course. 

  • Calcium – Calcium is an important supplement, especially if you are a woman or an elderly individual. It is also sometimes necessary for growing children who need a good amount of calcium for proper bone development. 

While it is mainly required for bone formation, it also helps in regulating blood clots, muscle contractions, nerve responses, and blood pressure. One can find calcium in most multi-minerals or multivitamins. 

  • Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids- Omega 3 Essential fatty acids are essential fatty acids required by our body to maintain a healthy body. You can find Omega 3 in fatty fish. However, if you prefer taking multivitamins, do check its ingredients to ensure it includes this EFA. 
  • Fiber- Fiber is a necessary and often overlooked part of our diet. According to many recent studies, more fiber consumption showed lower mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases than those with lower consumption. While you can gain fiber from regular whole foods, you can use fiber powders and capsules regularly in small doses. 
  • Iron- Iron is one of the essential nutrients required by our body as it helps in the formation of hemoglobin, which in turn leads to the production of healthy red blood cells in our body. Iron also helps in cell growth, DNA synthesis, energy production, and oxygen transport. 

Iron is primarily required in pregnant women and growing children. You can find ample iron supplements in vitamin store online and take prescribed doses of Vitamin C to absorb iron into your body better.

  • Probiotics – Probiotics help maintain the microbiome level in our gastrointestinal tract. They are beneficial bacteria that are similar to the ones found in our bodies. However, taking probiotics is risky as it needs to be taken in a very mild dose or react with the beneficial bacteria already present in our body. We suggest talking to your doctor to prescribe the correct dosage.
  • Vitamin B12- Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin that is not produced by our body. Hence we need to indulge in Vitamin B-12 rich foods and also take supplements including Vitamin B-12. It helps to maintain your nervous system and also helps to boost your energy. 

Vegans face an acute deficiency of Vitamin B-12 as most of this vitamin is found in eggs, meat, fish, and poultry. Therefore, they require Vitamin B-12 supplements for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Vitamin C– Vitamin C is another necessary vitamin that is not naturally produced by our body. We require a Vitamin C rich diet and, in some cases, Vitamin C supplements to provide this nourishment to our body. 

However, keep in mind that trying to improve your health with a poorly managed meal and vitamin and supplement will not help you maintain your health. 

How to Take Your Vitamins and Supplements 

While many vitamins and minerals are required for our body, not all of them are necessary for everyone. Specific individuals require certain vitamins, and this can be determined in the following way: 

  • A Healthy Lifestyle- A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is the best way to obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals required by our body. However, we can sometimes miss out on certain nutrients, and vitamins and supplements can fulfil this gap. 
  • Consult a Professional- You should get a professional consultation from your doctor or a dietician to determine the types of vitamins and supplements your body requires. It would help if you also prescribed the dosage in which you take those supplements. 
  • Compare and Analyze- Different vitamins have different compositions due to the difference in brands. You should check out the ingredients list to ensure the multivitamin or supplement you are purchasing contains all the minerals and vitamins your body requires. 
  • Be Consistent- You should not get disheartened if your multivitamins do not show any improvements right away. These take time to form any noticeable effect and should be taken consistently for a long time.
  • Adjust if Required – If you do not see any visible changes even after a long time, consider changing your dosage. However, do consult your doctor before making these changes. 


From this article, we can conclude that vitamin and supplement are necessary for your health and should be taken in a prescribed dose for maximum benefit. You will find vitamin store online Here where you can simply upload your prescription and buy all the supplements you need. We hope you find the above article helpful while looking for the best vitamins and supplements that help you improve your health.