What are facilities provided by Global Indian International School in Noida Sector 71

Global Indian International School in Noida is reputed for inculcating premier education in its students and the state-of-the-art facilities it offers. In today’s fast-paced world, teachers and parents must ensure the all-round development of students. GIIS in Noida provides students with a conducive environment to grow, learn, and develop as opinionated and well-adjusted citizens.

The GIIS Noida campus spreads itself over 2,20,000 sq. of land, out of which only 20% consists of the school structure and indoor spaces. The remaining 80% of the campus is an open space to avoid congestion and allow students to explore their environments. The school believes in imparting education through innovative means, striking the right balance between traditional teaching methods and dynamic modern technology. As a result, it is equipped with various amenities that encourage practical and theoretical learning and overall development.

From math, IT, and art and craft labs and a Britannica learning zone to a well-resourced library and an audio-visual room, the school provides world-class facilities to ensure that students can understand the subjects through various innovative media. Moreover, the school is equipped with different facilities suited for students of all age-groups. For example, it consists of a kiddie-pool, a specialized pre-primary classroom, a Montessori library, and a kindergarten play area specifically for the kindergarten students.

GIIS Noida highly encourages students to participate in extra- and co-curricular activities. It also incorporates sports-specific amenities like a football ground, badminton court, basketball court, and even an in-house skating rink. The Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values extensively aims at students’ moral development, imparting in them the values and principles propagated by the father of our nation.

While providing all the necessary facilities and resources imperative for its students’ growth and development, GIIS is the school in Noida which is extremely particular about its students’ safety and security. Consequently, it has installed hundreds of CCTV cameras on the premises to ensure that students’ whereabouts are monitored continuously. It also carries out meticulous background checks of the staff-members and working personnel who interact directly or indirectly with the students. All oTheseures ensure the students’ direct safety and reassure parents about their children’s well-being on the school premises.