What is Guest Posting & 5 Ways to Guest Post

How do you host a guest post?

How do you write a guest blog?

You’re likely to have lots of questions on this topic. I’ll be able to answer them and numerous other. Before I show you how to post guest posts in addition to what you can offer you, let’s explain what it is…

What is a guest post?

Guest post (or guest blogging) is publishing an article on the website of another.

It’s that easy.

People take this action to gain more brand recognition and get traffic back to their site (also called referrer traffic).

Today I’ve got an article and video on strategies to benefit from guest blogging that you can view here… or you can go through the entire article.

Determine Your Guest Blogging Goals

Before we start your first step is to determine your purpose for guest blogging. Being aware of this prior to time is essential to determining the appropriate type of blogs you can submit guest posts. In general, there are three primary objectives for guest blogging.

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  1. Establishing yourself as an authority and a well-known name in the business.
  2. Get exposure (traffic) returning to your site.
  3. The process of building links to your site (though this shouldn’t be the primary focus because Google does not like the idea).

With the correct content from the most popular blogs, you will be able to do the three.

If you’re looking to achieve one or the other and #2, then you need to look for blogs that are popular with many readers and a large and active readership.

If you’re trying to do #3, you should identify blogs that have a high domain authority at the root. This can be checked by using free tools such as Ubersuggest.

Understanding your goals ahead of time will allow you to determine which blogs are the most appropriate for you to send guest blog posts to.

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How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The first thing you’ll need to find is opportunities to guest post. If you are looking for sites to host guest posts the primary goal is to locate sites that are relevant to your field or area of expertise. You’re looking for sites that meet the following requirements:

  • The content is geared towards your industry or niche
  • The readers of this blog is likely to be interested by your company
  • The blog has been able to engage readers (posts were shared socially and remarked upon)
  • The blog’s owner has a presence on Twitter and Facebook (so you can be sure that they’ll promote your blog’s content on their site)

If you sell plantseeds, for instance it is important to locate gardening blogs that have an active and engaged audience of graders. This article will aid you in finding the ideal type of guest post opportunities.

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Google Searches

Google is an excellent location to begin your search for opportunities to guest post. It is possible to use any of these keywords to locate blogs that will accept guest postings. Simply replace the keywords with your keywords in your field.

  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • keywords “guest post guidelines”

These searches will lead you to the website’s guidelines for guest posts Guest submit page for guest posts, or even actual guest posts from other authors.

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Prolific Guest Bloggers

Are you aware of any popular guest bloggers from your field? If you’ve go through enough blogs within your field (which you ought to) then you’ll be familiar with certain names that appear repeatedly in guest blog posts.

Some of the most prominent guest bloggers in marketing include Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Mark Traphagen, Tony Right, Jenny Halasz, Brian Harnish, Kevin Indig, Adam Riemer, Robyn Johnson, Benji Acciola, Kevin Rowe, Anna Crow, and Kirk Williams.

By using Google search, look up names of frequent guest bloggers in your field, and the word “guest post by”. This will bring up all the websites that guest bloggers have published on. These are good sites to post guest posts on as well. It would be an added bonus when you know an author in your field who can provide an introduction to the bloggers that they have guest-written on.

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Competitor Backlinks

If you (or your agency for online marketing) have ever conducted an analysis of backlinks for competitors when making progress on the SEO campaign, the chances are some or all of your competitors has backlinks from guest posts that they have published.

If you’re using tools such as Open Site Explorer You can check links to your competition and find any blog posts they’ve published.

If you are unable to find any other, you could try the Google search.

link:domain.com -domain.com “guest post” (replacing domain.com with the domain of your competitor) that should show sites that your competitor has written for.


link:backlink.io -neilpatel.com “guest post”

Social Searches

Many bloggers and guest posters publish their latest guest post on social media platforms. Since the most simple one to find is Twitter Try doing an Twitter lookup for “HTML1” orthe term “guest post” to get the most up-to-date tweets regarding guest posts within your field. Follow the links to determine what blogs are taking guest posts.

Seek Guest Blogging Opportunities

Do you need more ideas for keyword searches or simply a list of many guest post possibilities?

Read this article on 14 ways you can make your content available to others.


The last, but certainly not last not least, last but certainly not least, is My Blog Guest A blog community for guest writers. Join to get a free account and then search for blogs that accept guest posts. Better yet, you can post your own details to indicate that you’re seeking to contribute guest posts on a specific topic, so that blog owners can locate you!

Preparing to Pitch a Guest Blogging Post

It’s important to note that we don’t go from finding guest blogging opportunities and then contacting the bloggers. There are some things you must do before you can propose a guest post for a blog you’ve discovered.

Get to Know the Blog’s Content

Knowing the content of your blog’s target is crucial. You’re sure they’ve got articles on the keywords you were searching for when seeking potential guest posts. However, you must learn more about the content. For instance…

  • What audience type do they write for? (beginners or intermediate)?
  • What kind of readership is the audience they are writing for? If your company is B2B, then you’ll expect the blog readers for your guest blog post to be a mix of businesses and general consumers.
  • What kind of content do they create? Do they write mostly about general concepts or more specific, in-depth tutorials? Do they enjoy lists?