What is the Ripoff Report and How Does it Affect Your Brand

Owning a brand and maintaining its online reputation can be a lot of work. It takes several weeks to create a good online presence and even months to build trust among customers. Amid everything, if you see a Ripoff report under your brand’s search results, it becomes even more frustrating. And the only thing that you wonder is how to remove ripoff report from Google Search Results.

What Is A Ripoff Report?

In 1998, Ed Magedson the created Ripoff Report website, where people can post reviews about a brand or a company anonymously. The worst part is, if the ripoff report mentions the name of a company or even an employee, that name will appear in search results under the “Ripoff Report” category.

If you get a ripoff report review, know that it is going to stay forever. Even if you look for answers to how to remove ripoff report from Google Search Results, it will not do any justice to your effort. You may be able to push down the search results, but you cannot get rid of those forever.

Are Ripoff Reports Legal?

The Ripoff Report follows the guidelines under the Federal Law known as the Community Decency Act. According to the law, no public forum or review website is responsible for any content posted by third parties.

Ripoff Report refuses to take down biased, fake, or illegal reviews even after receiving updates about such contents to be false. And it makes it harder for genuine brands to fight such situations.

How to Deal With Ripoff Reports

There are a few things you can do to deal with ripoff reports. They are –

  1. Post A Rebuttal Under the Ripoff Report

This one can be tricky. Rebuttals can be put under the actual negative news about your brand. However, this does not necessarily push down the review. Mostly, more content can help the search engine find the Ripoff Report easily. But, it will help you stand out as a courageous brand who can own up to its faults.

One tip for rebuttals – if you are replying to the report, do not mention any names that are related to your business. For example, rather than using your brand’s name, write as “the company you have mentioned above”.

  1. Hire A Reputation Management Company

Reputation management companies have the ability and expertise to push down ripoff results from the search engine. They are SEO or PR firms that devote their time to create additional websites, blogs, social media accounts, articles, and various other content about your brand. This, as a result, buries ripoff news in the search engine.

Such effort turns out to be successful in most cases. It may or may not be pushed down permanently, but with consistent work, you may be able to help yourself with the matter.

Removing ripoff reports may not be possible, but with the right strategy, you can surely push them down in search results. All you have to be is a little patient with yourself.