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What Makes Commercial Projects in Gurgaon a Worthwhile Investment Choice?

Gurgaon with its promising economy and shinny commercial establishments is always depicted as the ultimate pictogram of new rising India. Many global brands and companies are acquiring land and commercial properties across Gurgaon, while some of the MNCs have already marked their presence by obtaining office spaces in completed commercial projects in Gurgaon. With the strong presence of big brands, companies and MNCs across Gurgaon, Sohna Road, Dwarka Expressway, Golf Course Extension Road and New Gurgaon, the commercial real estate market of Gurgaon has grown rapidly in the recent past. Moreover, the prices of Commercial Projects in Gurgaon have grown substantially even when the realty market is not offering any promising returns. Considering all these factors many investors and property buyers from across India are now switching to the commercial market in Gurgaon for investment. There are many other good reasons for investing in the commercial realty market of Gurgaon.

Higher Returns on Investment

The changes in consumerism and rapid urbanization across Gurgaon have significantly broadened the scope of existing and already flourishing commercial realty market of Gurgaon. Besides, areas like New Gurgaon, Dwarka Expressway, Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road gives the commercial projects a strategic location. So, investing in commercial projects located in any of these areas would help you get handsome and higher returns. Moreover, the structured reforms and changes and execution of RERA have made Gurgaon realty market the investment friendly destination that promises a better and a higher rate of return. 

Consistent Cash Flow

Investing and buying commercial shops in gurgaon will help you fetch higher rental value as compared to other cities in India and main credit goes to the increasing manufacturing and engineering industries, IT-BPM combined with the widening of NH-8 and Sohna Road and best transportation with rapid metro. All these factors are combined together to make Gurgaon the best destination for realty investment which promises regular cash flow via higher rental income. 


Sorry to say, the commercial realty market of Gurgaon is only for affluent investors, keeping the average class investor out of reach. So, investors with much deeper pocket must not give a second thought and instantly invest in the commercial project from some decent developers and builders like AMB Selfie Square Sector 37 D Gurgaon. Many new developers and builders are now entering the commercial realty market of Gurgaon and for many good reasons. Many big brands have their head offices in Gurgaon and this gives higher vacancy to the area. As per the survey, only diversified cities in India like Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai have the double digit vacancy rate and due to the higher vacancy location Gurgaon commercial market has more power to negotiate, thereby investors get the chance to leverage more on their investment. 


As per the survey, the realty market of India is likely to reach a market size of $180 billion by end of 2020, of which the office spaces and commercial shops are the well organized space in Asia Pacific region, leaving behind the leading cities that have the higher scope of asset appreciation. Undeniably, the real estate investments in Gurgaon has increased in value over time and the asset appreciation can also be achieved from the rentals and also from the market’s valuing the asset higher than its past. 

Corporeal Asset   

Unlike shares and other instruments with promising rates of return, the commercial properties in Gurgaon are a tangible or corporeal asset. These properties won’t vanish or diminish, leaving you behind with news reports and scams. After it is constructed it will stand erect there itself for generations, thereby offering you with proper financial stability for future and years to come. The value of commercial latest projects in gurgaon will always in rising because of its proximity to IGI international airport. Plus the commercial properties in Sector 37 D, 70, and others are in higher demand because of its close proximity to rapid metro and well developed social infrastructure. So, the commercial projects are the ultimate symbol of tangibility and investors are ready to pay any amount to book their commercial space and shops in these projects.

So, apply all these combinations of factors and permutation which matters a lot and will affect the investment decision indeed. Consider visiting the website of PlanMyProperty from where information of any commercial projects can be obtained and you can also make an investment in the right project from the website to diversify and enrich your investment portfolio for the upliftment of finances and financial stability in future.