What Questions Contribute to the PTE Exam Communicative Skills?

As previously indicated, an official PTE Study Academic Score Card comprises both an overall score and a Skill Profile, with the overall score being the most important.

An authentic PTE Academic Score Card comprises an overall score as well as a Skill Profile, which we are all acquainted with from previous experiences. Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills will be included on your Skill Profile, respectively.

In contrast to the overall score, which is established by reviewing all elements of your performance, the scores for communicative and enabling skills are obtained by examining several particular questions. Come join us as we talk about PTE study Academic Enabling skills and the questions that contribute to them!

If you are unfamiliar with the questions on the PTE Academic exam, you need not be worried. You may want to start by going through the PTE Exam Format with your tutor.

In addition to evaluating your overall performance, we dissect your results into the following categories:

  • Writing, reading, and listening are all examples of communicative abilities.
  • Grammar, conversational fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse are examples of enabling abilities.

Questions on communication skills measure either specific sub-skills or a combination of them, such as reading and speaking or speaking and listening, or a combination of them. Each question contributes to the total score for that particular communication skill on the test.

Questions that examine enabling skills give insight into your expertise in these areas, but they are not used in the admissions decision-making process for this program.

Here are some of the things that contribute to communicative and enabling questions in PTE exam format.

Questions Contribute to the PTE Exam Format


This section tests your ability to listen attentively. In addition, there will be some questions that are both speaking and listening in nature in another area. The majority of your listening time will be spent listening to the audio or video samples that are automatically playing. Increasing the volume may be accomplished by moving the bar to the right. Make sure the volume is at the level you want it to be. There is just one audio clip played.


It is assumed that when we refer to someone as being fluent in English, they have good grammatical ability. Grammar is, without a doubt, an important component of the PTE test result. When it comes to writing, English has a number of really difficult laws to follow, but make every attempt to do so. PTE Academic Enabling Skills evaluates your grammatical skills on an autonomous basis, based on your answers to the following questions.


Oral fluency is another important feature of Spoken English communication. If you speak confidently throughout your replies, you should have no trouble achieving a high score on this skill. All of the questions that are assessed for oral fluency evaluation fall under the category of speaking questions.


The notions of speaking and speaking properly are two very different things. Pronunciation is crucial since a mispronunciation might lead to the listener being misled. It is important not to confuse it with an accent. This is accomplished via the use of an approach that is more than capable of discriminating between the two. The following questions in the PTE Academic Enabling Scores indicate how well you pronounce certain words in English.


It is vital to acquire accurate spelling in order to succeed in this field. It is important that you double-check your answer before submitting it, since typing rapidly may result in an error. Due to the fact that your spelling talents are noted as you write, a Spelling Score is awarded to the questions.


It may be worthwhile to consider expanding your vocabulary and experimenting with new phrases in order to enhance your score. It’s best not to use the same word too often. One way to increase this capacity is to read a lot and make notes on new phrases you come across as you go along. As part of the PTE study Academic Enabling Skills segment, the questions tested students’ vocabulary knowledge.


The structure of a written text, its internal coherence, logical development, and the breadth of linguistic resources utilised to express meaning effectively are all factors that contribute to your overall score on “Written Discourse,” which is determined by a number of criteria. You must be skilled in writing to get a better score in this skill set, to put it another way.

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