Which is Better: Full-Time, Correspondence or Distance Learning?

Surely the question has already arisen in you once you have decided on your intention to continue your studies, what is the work schedule for you to start your higher education. In full-time, correspondence or distance learning form? The choice is not easy, as each department has a number of different advantages.

In our fast-paced world, for example, the benefits of correspondence and distance learning are becoming more and more valuable, as this form of learning allows us to acquire new knowledge while working – and even with a family.


  • many discounts can be used (student ID, dormitory accommodation, you can claim orphan’s care, family allowance, travel discount for public transport)
  • compared to the high school years, the schedule is more informal, you can even take a job in the free hours
  • lessons provide more comprehensive knowledge, more time is spent on processing a topic
  • thanks to regular lessons, the acquisition of the curriculum is smoother
  • you can build a more direct relationship with your teachers, you can also build a friendly relationship more easily
  • you will not be left out of unadulterated university life: parties, common programs


  • means less time spent in person than in the daytime, so you can study even with work or family responsibilities
  • consultations help to interpret the curriculum (10-15 times a semester, usually on Friday or Saturday)
  • you can maintain a personal relationship with your instructors, feel free to contact them with your questions
  • the rhythm of learning is individualized
  • you can take advantage of discounts with your student card

Distance Learning

  • it requires minimal travel and physical presence, so you can study even with work or family responsibilities
  • online consultations help to interpret the curriculum (10-15 times a semester, usually on Fridays, Saturdays, sometimes on weekday evenings)
  • convenient and cheap due to 1-2 person consultations or exams every semester (Friday or Saturday): you can save time and money by avoiding regular trips between the place of residence and the place of training
  • the whole training and the study administration are available on the Internet from anywhere, anytime, even from abroad thanks to the on-line consultations
  • personalized learning: individual learning pace tailored to your schedule
  • In addition to traditional – paper-based – information carriers (notes, textbooks, learning aids, information leaflets), electronic teaching materials and reviewable lessons in certain subjects also help learning
  • Thanks to our individual exam schedule, you can take your exams partly online, partly in blocks, so you only have to appear in person at our training centers once a semester.

Distance learning: if you are abroad – freedom to learn

You don’t even have to give up your dreams even if your job has called you abroad. You can easily study and get a degree in the distance learning system of Lovely Professional University distance education. LPU distance learning institutes’ flexible training format and individual exam schedule allow you to learn new knowledge and gain marketable knowledge from the comfort of your own home, whether you live in India or in abroad.