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Black or Green: Which Tea is Healthier?

Let’s talk about the useful and not-so-good properties of the best herbal tea.  

There has been a lot of debate about which tea is healthier. Tea is produced in different countries of the world: Japan, Vietnam, Kenya, Nepal, but most of all tea is grown in India and China. 

In most cases, black, green, red, white tea is harvested from one tree. Types and varieties differ from each other in the technique of assembling and processing leaves. This determines not only what grade the tea will eventually be attributed to, but also the beneficial properties of the drink.

In simple terms, about the technology of tea production, at the first stage, the lea leaves are collected- whether by hand or by machine, respectively, affects the final marking of the tea leaves. 

At the next stage, the leaves are dried. White, black or green will eventually be solved during the drying or fermentation stage. After withering, future green tea is partially dried, then rolled and dried again. Making black tea looks like this: the leaf is rolled immediately after withering, then it undergoes full fermentation. 

Green Tea

Depending on how the leaves were manipulated, one can judge its health benefits. Fermentation and drying processes have a different effect on the preservation of the beneficial substances of the drink. 

In green tea, theine is found higher in quantities than in black which means higher healing effect. In the latter, a significant part of it lost due to prolonged fermentation. Therefore, green tea invigorates more than black. 

According to experts, if green tea is infused for two minutes, the tea will have tonic properties. And if  five minutes- soothing. It is not necessary to brew green tea for longer- then it loses all its benefits.  

One of the most beneficial elements found in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate. This substance has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. 

This noble drink, due to the large amount of antioxidants, slows down the aging process and speeds up the metabolism of bioactive substances in the composition.

Black Tea

Black tea takes much longer to ferment. Does not require complicated brewing manipulations, tones well. People with low blood pressure are advised to drink black tea or organic peppermint tea because of its cumulative effect.

According to scientists, the use of herbs online in Australia like black tea will have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and stroke prevention.

The beneficial properties of tea do not end there. Scientists at Ohio State University have found that the enzymes in black tea not only help keep bad cholesterol in check , but also affect the absorption of fat in the body, that is, prevent extra pounds and the formation of fatty tissue on the liver. It also has a positive effect on vascular tone.