Why should you use Flow Wrap?

Flow wrapping machines are often referred to as horizontal flow wrapping machines (HFFS) or flow wrappers (HFFS). Chinese producers of flow wrapping machines are accustomed to referring to their machines as automatic pillow packing machines. Continuous packaging machine with a high packing capacity and adaptability to a wide range of specifications for both food and non-food packaging.

Choose From a Variety of Multiply Flow Wrapping Machines:

  • High-speed automatic turntable sorting flow packaging machine for candy
  • Automatic Cutting and Packaging Machine
  • Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrapper Integrated with Auto Feeder
  • Automatic Flow Packing Machine Integrated with auto feeder
  • Automatic HFFS reciprocating type horizontal flow pack wrapping machine
  • High Speed Full Servo Pillow Packaging Machine

The Most Important Advantages of Flow Wrapping:

Flow wrap is a multi-purpose product that can be used to wrap solid objects in a protective seal or to unitize loose materials for retail distribution. The machine is available in both automated and semi-automatic versions. Crawford Packaging has the flow wrap machine that will meet all of your packaging requirements.

Provides an additional layer of protection

Flow wrapped items benefit from an additional layer of protection against contamination from the outside. It is possible that this contamination will take the form of dust, dampness, or damaging ultraviolet radiation. Flow wrapped items also benefit from the fact that they require less direct handling. This reduces the possibility of “pick through” damages that can occur in retail. Crawford Packaging offers flow wrap film in a variety of thicknesses and compositions to meet the specific needs of your packaging solution.

The Flow Wrap can be customised:

Increased branding opportunities are provided by flow wrapped products in a variety of ways. Customers will have an unobstructed view of your products when they are wrapped in clear flow wrap films. These transparent films, which are ideal for produce packaging, can increase product visibility while also increasing retail sales.

Increased throughput is a good thing:

In comparison to traditional bagging procedures, flow wrap packaging machines provide a high-speed, automated alternative. Flow Wrap equipment is an excellent packaging solution for items that need to be packaged at speeds of up to 70 packs per minute or faster.

Changeovers are made quickly:

Equipment for flow wrapping has the advantage of being easily converted from one packing size to another. The integrated conveyor systems are simply adjustable guides that may be quickly adjusted to the desired width. Flow wrap film rolls are constructed with corrugated cores, which allow switching between film sizes straightforward. The on-board computer systems may record numerous pack specifications, which can be adjusted by pressing a button. Trim lengths and belt speeds can also be adjusted by pressing a button.