Transactional Messaging

Why Transactional Messaging is Beneficial?

What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional messaging is an effective SMS service that has gained huge popularity in today’s time. It is a tool that helps businesses increase their brand awareness and customer engagement. Transactional SMS is a quick, automated, and non-promotional messaging tool that is used to inform the customers regarding their order status, invoice payment, delivery of goods and other details. Using a transactional messaging system can help to build a strong brand image. Do you wonder why businesses are inclined toward using transactional SMS as a part of their business strategy? Keep scrolling through to know the benefits of transactional messaging.

Why Transactional Messaging is Beneficial?

Data Conveyance

The most important benefit of using transactional messages is that it helps in delivering a brief message instantly to the customers. It is a high value-based SMS service platform that helps in keeping customers informed and engaged.

Rapid Reach

Around 90% of the messages are open and read in just 3 minutes of being sent. So SMS service is beneficial for both the businesses as well as for those customers who seek vital information.


Sending a normal SMS to your customer will require a lot of effort and expertise, which will not only cost you huge money but will even cost you time which will affect customer satisfaction. At the same time, the transactional messages are completely automated, which will minimize manual involvement. Reduction in human efforts will thus lead to a reduction in cost and additional expenses on customer support. Therefore, adopting transactional SMS will help in better delivery, engagement and customer retention.

Impressive Coverage

Compared to other types of messages, transactional messages are sent not to disturb the users. It is sent on the ground that the customer has started discussing with the businesses.

Trusted Relationship with Client

Transactional SMS service is designed to improve the customer experience and make their lives convenient and hassle-free. Companies share transactional SMS like delivery notifications or discount alerts for favourite goods with their customers, thus improving their experience by building trust and strong relationships.

High Openness

Do you know that the open rate of text SMS is 98%? Yes, you heard it right! The high open rate allows businesses to connect with their customers easily and effectively.

Types of Transactional Messages

Depending upon the purpose and types of transactions, there are different types of transactional messages, which include:

  • One Time Passwords
  • Informative Notices
  • Booking Confirmation and Cancellations
  • General Alerts etc.

How to Write a Transactional SMS?

Here are some of the tips that you must always follow while framing a transaction SMS.

  • Write crystal clear messages.
  • Ensure that the message is short, clean, and correct without abbreviations, emoticons, or incomplete sentences.
  • Never let your client wait. As soon as they register on your website, the confirmation code should be sent to them.
  • The transactional SMS should be short and contain all the information that the client needs.

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