WordPress Page Builders

WordPress Page Builders That Can Help You Build Amazing Websites

In today’s era when everyone is trying to survive in this tough digital competition, building a website for their business has become their priority. Now, generally for developing a website, companies hire WordPress developers, who are very well known to code. But actually, even a non-technical person is eligible today to develop a full-fledged website using WordPress Page Builders. It allows you to build a website at an economic rate and no prior knowledge of coding is required. Their drag and drop interface and different content elements makes everything quite easy and the rest of the things are managed by the plugins.

WordPress can be termed as such a software platform that manages the heavy tasks and allows one to just paste the web contents like blocks, modules, widgets into the pre-designed format or samples. WordPress Development Company gives immense options of easy customization and then arranging the content as per the unique layouts.

Some of the major features of WordPress Page Builders are given below,

a)No coding knowledge is required at all to use it, that is what is called ease of use.

b)Ability to re-arrange the elements as per the drag and drop feature.

c)Number and variety of elements are offered to customize as per the requirement.

d)The Preview options allow the users to get an idea about the outlook so that they can change accordingly.

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There are a number of options available in the market if we talk about WordPress Page Builders, but we will be discussing here the best one. Also, the criteria before going ahead with any of the Page Builders should be the ease in using it and the number of and variety of components available for customization of the website. Below is the list of the best among all:


It is one of the powerful Page builder options which can be integrated with any of the themes. More than 40 pre-designed layouts offered by Themify make the work quite easier. Also, these themes are designed specifically for different industries thus it caters to the need and requirements of varied industries. Non-coders can easily use it as it has got the drag and drop function. Some of the other major features of this Page Builder is listed below:

1)It ensures that the website designed through it is very responsive.

2) It allows easy editing of the pages from both, backend as well as frontend.

3) It also offers 60+ animation effects to give your website an eye-catching look that engages the customer or the visitor.

4) Different layout options can be experimented with by the users easily.

5) The websites designed are SEO friendly and easily translated into different languages.

6) The layout part in this plugin is re-usable and once the layout is updated then it gets automatically updated at whatever place it has been used.

7) It allows several add-ons used for slideshows, Maps Pro, Timelines, Counters, Typewriter effect, Progress bars, Infinite posts, and many more.


It is one of the most user-friendly Page builders which is especially meant for creative builders who do not settle with simple design and layouts. It offers great control to the users with simple drag and drops options. It provides flexibility to work on a large number of templates. Some of the other major features are given below:

1) Number of drag and drop modules are available along with photos, accordions, subscribe forms, number counters, pricing tables, text editors, etc.

2) Even without losing the content, one can switch among different themes.

3) Powerful Builder which provides full control over the design of the website.

4) The layouts can be saved and reused anywhere else on the website.

5) Easily integrates with e-commerce platform WooCommerce.

6) Supports fast creation of responsive websites.

7) It offers live editing features.

8) The Agency plan of the builder provides additional features like network-wide setting, white labeling, DIY web publishing platform.


It is considered the ultimate Page builder liked by many of the users. It offers endless possibilities of layouts that can be tried on any theme of the choice. It allows multiple column formats and most intriguing designs on the elegant themes. It features almost 46 modules and layouts that can be rearranged easily through drag and drop options. Some of the other major features are mentioned below:

  • Divi Builder Plugin is the foundation of the very popular Divi WordPress Theme.
  • It can easily export the saved elements and then import them to use on another site project.
  • It easily duplicates, disables, and then locks the items.
  • The users can get some really beautiful templates to create unique designs.
  • Along with this builder, the user gets access to the huge Divi library.
  • Divi also offers to customize the coding for the user who is really good at HTML and CSS.
  • It is a perfect and flexible tool as well for both, beginners, and seasoned users.
  • One can enable and disable the front-end elements selectively, as per the requirement.


It is another powerful Page Builder which helps users to create an awesome website. It comes up with various professional and out-of-the-box layouts. It allows the users to have complete control over the header and footer of the website, logo, sidebars, menus, and many more. It can be considered best for both, the beginners as well as the experienced ones. No requirement for coding and the drag and drop feature makes everything quite easy. Different categories of users can use this page builder to develop their website as it caters to different business areas. Some of the other features are noted below:

  • It offers almost 50 premium elements for content and 100 predefined layouts. Over 200 exclusive third-party add-ons and 40 grid design templates give a variety of options.
  • It can be termed as a 3 in 1 editor which allows editing in the backend, frontend, and tree view.
  • Layout and other elements are easily manageable through drag and drop options.
  • Allows you to hide elements for some time and then use it later when required.
  • Develops responsive and SEO-friendly websites.
  • Huge collection of templates, content, designs makes the work of the user quite easy.


The above-mentioned features clearly state how each one of the Page Builder offers an exclusive range of templates and content in their own unique way. Each one of them has its strengths as well as weak points. So, it is always suggested to the user that they should run a trial of each of the Plugins once to understand which one works best for them. And then accordingly then can decide upon using the same and purchasing the advanced version of the same builder which will provide them with additional features and flexibility. To customize your WordPress website you can hire dedicated developers from leading web app development companies.