5 Technological Innovations that will adorn Smartphones in 2020


The smartphone that you own these days were not like one earlier. The shapes and sized and the technologies that drive it has changed. Technology will keep driving innovations in the mobile world, and 2020 will be no different. 

You may already be aware that mobile phones are being powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This cutting edge technology has helped the cameras to click better pictures, the battery with smarter power management, along with much more.   

2020 is coming, and you may want to know about innovations in technology that will rule the roost in smartphones. Let this post helps you know the technological innovations that are expected to adorn smartphones in India and beyond. Read on!

  • The rise of foldable screens 

Earlier, there was bezel less screens that stirred the mobile phone world. It gave users a unique experience of enjoying gaming, web browsing and more on a big screen. Now, it is time to use and enjoy foldable screens. Many smartphone companies, such as LG and Samsung have showcased flexible display phones in events. Soon, you may be able to wear your phones in your hand just like a watch. 

  • Recommendations for App

Future mobile phones will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find out your mood and open apps accordingly. It may be based on your earlier user behaviour. For example, it may open Quora during bedtime if you had been doing it on earlier nights. 

  • Automatic selfie capture 

The phones in 2020 may find out when you want to take a selfie, take the snap and even post it on vital social media accounts on your behalf. 

  • High level security features 

Security features in devices from leading companies such as IRIS Recognition and automatic facial. 

  • Internet of Things will rule the roost 

The future smartphones will be able to connect to any other devices such as smart ACs, smart cars, smart shoes and many more via the Internet of Things (IoT). Thus, it may be easier to drive to your destination by placing out mobile phones in your vehicle. 

Also, the Best Smartphones under 10000 and beyond will always be connected to web 24×7 with a speed of 1GBPS. 5G connectivity will transform the way you browse the web on your mobile phones. 

Companies will also be involved in manufacturing mobile phones that will be strong and durable enough to survive drops in water and on land. 

The best smartphones under 10000 and above will also flaunt long lasting batteries that will keep going for a longer time. Hence, you will be able to retain battery juice for more. It may even mean that future mobile phones may need little or no charging at all. 

You are now aware of the key technological innovations that will rule the roost in your series of smartphones in 2020 and beyond. 

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