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Future of Engineering: 7 New Age B. Tech Programs to Advance Your Career

Engineering is one of the most popular career options worldwide as engineers are the incendiary torchbearers of the advancements taking place in every domain. But as the industries are focusing on more specialized areas so is the field of expertise. Numerous specialized subject areas are being added to this industry daily. Here are of some new-age specializations in the field of engineering:

  1. B. Tech in Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT: This program is designed to let students understand the technicalities associated with the development of smart devices that we use daily. You can boost your skills with B. Tech courses as this course is just not limited to the development but advancement and improvisation of already existing devices. Some of the job profiles in this domain are:
  • Applications developer,
  • Platform provider,
  • Testing specialist,
  • Technology architect,
  • Integrators,
  • Telecom operators,
  • Smart-city solutions architect,
  • Technical consultant,
  • Sensor / communication security expert,
  • Technical support engineer,
  1. Tech in Embedded Technology:This program is designed to focus on wearable technology including smartwatches, smart gear, and many other relevant items. They design their outlook as well as the machinery that goes into it. Some of the famous job roles in this subject area are embedded system engineers, IoT engineers, hardware design engineers, robotic designers, industrial automation engineers, automotive embedded engineers, and firmware engineers.
  1. B. Tech in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology: This specialization is a perfect fit for students who are passionate about the composition of matter, self-healing polymers, shape-retaining alloys, it’s the super, and supra-molecular state. All these nano-particles are used for developing industrial equipment. Some of the career options in this domain are:
  • Research scientist,
  • Manufacturing engineering,
  • Material engineer,
  • Material design specialist,
  • Process engineer,
  • Production engineer,
  • ISRO/ DRDO/ CSIR lab specialist.
  1. Tech in Smart Mobility Design and Engineering: They are trained to design, develop, and solve problems related to mobility vehicles. According to a report by global smart transportation, the mobility sector is going to rise by 10% by 2025. Some of the jobs in this domain include design, automation, research scientist, material, industrial automation, production, and railway engineers.
  2. B. Tech in Big Data: This specialization deals entirely with the huge bulk of data that is being generated in diverse organizations worldwide. The experts in this domain analyze and evaluate the data for developing operational strategies. Popular job roles in this domain include data architect, big data project manager, data specialist, data analyst, big data engineer, and big data developer.
  3. B. Tech in Cyber Security and Forensics: With all the data being collected daily, it’s hard for organisations to safeguard it. Professionals in this domain are trained to develop software and malware for protecting this data. Some of the jobs in this domain include cyber forensics solutions architect, information security analyst, intelligence analyst, tech consultant, cybersecurity administrator, cybersecurity architect, network security analyst, cyber forensics planning, and expansion specialist.
  4. B. Tech in Graphics and Gaming: This specialization requires excellent analytical and IT skills for developing and designing gaming modules and software. They work as developers, designers, compilers, analyzers, and many other popular job roles are associated with this subject area.

So, if you are planning for a career with B. Tech, then you must consider all the aforementioned job roles with their specialized subject areas to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects that you might be interested in.